College Courses So Cool They Almost Make The Student Debt Worth It

Colleges and universities across America are struggling to engage with students. Half the population can’t afford to go to college and the ones that do just want to get in and out with as little debt as possible. It makes getting good enrollment numbers pretty hard for some colleges.

To combat the issue, many departments are introducing more exciting courses to bring in students. Just take a look at MIT. They now teach both regular computer programming, and how to finally beat your older sibling at Streetfighter II. These strange college courses are so cool that you might actually want to go back for an extra semester.

How To Win a Beauty Pageant

shes been doing pageants.jpg

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Offered by Oberlin Experimental College, the full course title is actually: How To Win A Beauty Pageant: Race, Gender, Culture, and U.S. National Identity, but that’s not as exciting.

If you’re a fan of Toddlers & Tiaras, then the course is probably a letdown. But the class does get to go on a field trip to watch a beauty pageant.

Raptor Natural History, Conservation, and Captive Management

jurassic park raptors.jpg

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I knew something was fishy about this course when it said “captive management.” How can dinosaurs be captive if they’re extinct? Well, Raptor Natural History is a course offered at Cornell University that’s actually all about birds.

Yes, it’s about birds of prey that descended from dinosaurs, but it’s not about Jurassic Park so that’s disappointing.

How To Win An Argument

blac chyna yelling.jpg

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You’ll have to go north of the border to take this course at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. The course uses logic and deduction to create convincing arguments. I’m not sure why the Canadian school has this course. I thought they were all too nice to get in fights.

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Introduction To Turntabalism

turntable cat.jpg

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Oberlin Experimental College strikes again. The “experimental” part of the college is a student-run division, which explains their course selection. Obviously, some students believe that DJ-ing is a viable career path and need some expert guidance.

They probably just created the course to try and get guest speaks like David Guetta or Calvin Harris.

Golf Course Management

happy gilmore golf management.jpg

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At Tarleton State University you can learn all the proper ways to maintain the putting greens, build a perfect sand trap, and even budget the beer cart for your golf course. Sadly, it probably doesn’t have anything about how to kill an alligator or win a fight with Bob Barker.

You also get to take field trips though, which hopefully involve squeezing in a quick nine holes.

Introduction To Wines

kristen wiig wine.gif

Photo credit: MrFlopkins / Reddit

I didn’t expect Cornell to offer such a fun course, but I suppose the wealthy private school needs to educate its students on wine. The course teaches the history and science behind the wine, and how to use fancy words like “bouquet” and “tannins.”

If you’re a nerd that hasn’t quite peaked yet, you can enroll in this LOTR class coming up.

Street Fighting Mathematics

street fighter 2.jpg

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I bet this course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is packed with little brothers who always had to be Luigi. The course takes a practical approach to street fighting, like how to measure the velocity of a punch to the jaw or the angle of a jump.

Time to dig out Streetfighter II and enact my revenge.

Patternmaking for Dog Garments

dog fashion.jpg

Photo credit: @DogSolutions / Twitter

In Patternmaking For Dog Garments, students can learn how to understand the slopes and body features of different dog breeds to create the most bangin’ look possible.

No one really knows what goes on behind the scenes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, but if they’re all learning how to make dog clothes, then it sounds great to me.

Elvish 101

learn elvish with legolas.jpg

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If you’re someone like me who has a lot of nerdy friends who love Lord of the Rings, then why not enroll in Elvish 101 at the University of Wisconsin. The leading expert in Sindarin teaches the course. For all the peasants, Sindarin is the correct term for Elvish. I’m sure you’d learn that in the class too.

The class coming up should be mandatory across all colleges.

Cyberporn And Security

hackerman meme.jpg

Photo credit: @samfan98 / Twitter

This class isn’t as naughty as you think, but I’m sure fraternity boys will still flood the registry each year. It’s offered at the University of Buffalo and looks at how internet pornography changes technology and human relationships.

If you’re interested in actually watching the stuff and getting first-hand knowledge, then maybe stay home and lock yourself in your room.

Wasting Time On The Internet

cat computer.gif

Photo credit: Reddit

The University of Pennsylvania was obviously tired of students just watching cat videos during lecture hours, so that created a course that gave them credit for it.

The course is actually aimed to “reframe the idea” of wasting time on the internet. It takes it a little too far though, and even calls the World Wide Web the “greatest poem ever written.”

Introduction to Beekeeping

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Save the bees! Temple University is almost as passionate as I am. They offer a full course designed to teach students all about the science and art of beekeeping. They even use the fancy word for beekeeper: apiarist. This should be a mandatory course across America.

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How To Stage A Revolution

rap is the language of revolution.jpg

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I’m not sure what Ohio State University is trying to do, but with the current issues in America, a course on how to stage a revolution looks pretty inviting.

The class looks at different revolutions to understand why some succeed and others fail. So basically, it’s your everyday history class with a cool name.

Ice Cream Short Course

science of icecream.jpg

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I’m not sure why Penn State thought the right idea was to cut a class about ice cream down to a short credit. In this course, you get to learn everything you can about ice cream “from cow to cone.”

That sounds like it will take a lot of time, and probably a lot of taste-tests. I volunteer.

Lemonade: Black Women, Beyoncé & Popular Culture

beyonce lemonade .jpg

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The University of Texas at San Antonio created this course that uses Beyoncé’s Lemonade album to look at the “historical, and literary frameworks of black feminism.” Almost every college offers a U.S. Presidency course, so why doesn’t each one have a class about Bey?

Beyoncé isn’t the only singer to have a course based on her. Coming up, two other influential artists have college courses about their lyrics.

An Insight Into The Artistry Of Frank Ocean

An Insight Into The Artistry Of Frank Ocean

Photo credit: Erika Goldring / WireImage / Getty Images

The next singer to get a course about them is R&B singer Frank Ocean. He will be the topic of student-taught class and the University of California, Berkley.

In their proposal, the two students who will be teaching it are going to focus on of the artistry in his lyrics and live performances.

The Art of Walking


Photo credit: EyesWideOpen / Getty Images

Ah yes, the art of doing the thing that most of us do every day. Centre College offered The Art of Walking as part of their study abroad curriculum.

The class focusses on how walking is a “lost form of transportation” that has failed to compete with other methods of transportation.

The Textual Appeal Of Tupac Shakur

Gridlock'd-087 AQU074-087

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More like the sexual appeal of Tupac, am I right? Unfortunately, the University of Washington takes a different approach and uses the course as a way to study Tupac through a “sophisticated” lens.

The class looks at the meaning behind Tupac’s lyrics, and his significance in the rap world.

Alien Intercourse

spock uhura.jpg

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Any course with a title like that is bound to get some adventurous college kids enrolled. The class is out of the women’s studies department at the University of Rochester.

It explores sexual issues both with humans and non-humans. It’s unclear how they have information about alien sex life though.

The Science of Harry Potter

science behind harry potter.jpg

Photo credit: Warner Bros. / MovieStillsDB

There are a lot of literature and philosophy courses out there that use the Harry Potter series, but Frostburg University took it an extra step with a class about Harry Potter science.

They investigate how practical the magic used in Harry Potter is, and whether or not it could actually work.