Grandparents Who Make Being Old Seem Like The Best Adventure Of Our Lifetime

Where do we even begin with grandparents? They’re the reason we’re alive, yet very often go underappreciated. They’re brutally honest, loving, and the ones you run to when you want to buy something your parents wouldn’t let you get.

They make the best food, have the most genuine hugs and have the most sincere unconditional love. Here we’ve gathered the most hilarious grandparent moments caught on camera. If this is what growing old looks like, we’re ready for it.

One Too Many Rum And Egg Nogs For Grannie

grannie in tree.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Kempiet

Grannie isn’t afraid to throw down just because she’s old. The only problem is that she’s not as nimble as she used to be.

She got a little bit carried away with the rum and eggnog and subsequently took a hard tumble into the Christmas tree. The good news is that she certainly won’t remember it.

Chillin’ Like A Villain

grandma (2).jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @melainesohl

This is just precious. When grandparents try hard to fit in with their grandchildren by using slang, it’s adorable.

This grandma is pounding Jell-O shots while chillin’ like a villain. She looks like she’s about to drop the hottest mixtape of 2018.

They Aren’t Afraid To Call You Out In A Savage Way

grannie savage.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @MsBurgerPHS

One thing GPs aren’t afraid of is being savage. They’ll call you out for your lack of attendance in their lives in the cutest way possible.

While we’re used to Christmas and birthday cards from our GPs, Brittany is about to get a rude awakening from Poppy and Grammie. Get it together Brittany. Coming up, a grandpa fights back against grandma’s wishes for a calm wine and paint night.

There’s Nothing Quite Like A Grandmother’s Honesty


Photo Credit: Twitter / @oliviaapplegate_

Just because they’re your GPs doesn’t mean that they won’t tell you the hard truth. In this case, it’s easy to see what Grandma thinks about this relationship.

She’s screaming “BOO” like a Boston Red Sox fan when Derek Jeter steps up to the plate at Fenway Park. Any significant other of their grandkids, who takes quality time away from them is going to get shut down on social media.

Don’t You Dare Step Up On This Grandma

brass knuckles.jpg

Photo Credit; Reddit / dick-nipples

It’s pretty obvious to note that old people are prime targets for getting mugged on the streets. They need to take the necessary precautions, and sometimes, that means wearing brass knuckles.

This grandma isn’t hiding the fact that she’s packing some serious heat and it’s absolutely inspirational.

He Won’t Be Getting Dragged To Paint Night Without A Fight

NO ! NO !.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @stephenlloyd_dot_net

It’s fairly obvious that grandpa usually gets the short end of the stick because he has to do everything grandma wants to do. If that means wasting a Friday night drinking wine and painting than that’s what he has to do.

After 50 years of marriage, he’s finally rebelling against his wife’s plans and he’s doing it in a big way. Just ahead, a grandma asks the right question about the band Nickelback and I totally support it.

Sharing Is Caring

showed my grandpa.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @beigecardigan

This is a power move. Meme culture is massive right now and if grandparents want to stay relevant they need to know the dos and dont’s of memes.

This is why it’s so important for this grandpa to be passing along his knowledge to the many other GPs in his old age home. Knowledge is power.

The Five-Finger Discount

when you finally figure it out.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @dank.aussie.memes_

You didn’t do anything wrong until you get caught, that’s basically proven science. This grandma gets what she wants, and she gets it for free.

Look, no one is going to be judging granny’s decisions to steal when she pulls up in her Gucci shirt and Prada pants looking super fly.

This Is A Legitimate Question

everyone hates nickelback.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @jamienewnew

This is a very good question. Everyone hates on Nickelback for no reason, yet when their songs come on the radio they sing along like superfans

They have some serious bangers and it’s a shame that they get so much bizarre hate. This grandma is concerned about it, and I completely back it. Coming up, the hilarious response a grandpa has to the first picture of his new grandchild.

They Just Don’t Care Anymore

staring contest with a bear.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / WalterFLRanger

GPs are great because they’re on the last leg of their life and stopped caring years ago. They’ll stare down a bear with absolutely no fear whatsoever.

If that bear tries to take grandpa’s cheese sandwich you already know there’s going to be a throw down and gramps is coming out alive.

This Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

I left my pajamas.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Andrewlowe

These nightgowns have basically become extinct and rightly so. Thank god that once our GP’s generation is gone they won’t be around anymore because they’re horrifying.

Every scary movie has one of their demon characters wearing one of these gowns and it’s nightmare material.

They Keep An Even Keel Approach To Life

my aunt this morning.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @lorojordan

By the time 70 years old rolls around, it’s rare that you get excited anymore. You keep a fairly even keel approach to life.

With a lot of ups and downs, getting too excited or too sad about one given moment will only do damage to your psyche over time. This grandpa shows the appropriate amount of emotion to this picture. Just ahead, prepare yourself for the grandpa who could easily steal George Clooney’s girl without batting an eye.

Slowest Picture Message Of All Time

flip phone.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / misstinkles420

This grandma decided that she was going to take the greatest mirror selfie of all time, and then mail it off to her granddaughter.

This makes it the slowest picture message in the history of picture messages and it’s incredible.

“I’m Having A Girls Weekend”

my grandma is mexico.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @paytongrett

We need more GPs like this one. Her glory days may have been 50 years ago, but that’s not stopping her from crushing a few drinks poolside.

This is an iconic photo that keeps getting better every time you look at it. My guess is that she drank these girls under the table. That’s what “drinking wisdom” does for you.

Keep This Grandpa Away From Your Girl

mr steal your grandma.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Jim_And_Tonic

Why does this grandpa look like he’s about to steal your girl, cheat on her, and then steal her again?

If he was my GP I wouldn’t be bringing any girl near him because he’d just make me look bad. He’s 70 and in better shape, with better style and more charisma. A true triple threat. Coming up, the hilarious picture of a grandpa who overdid his TV purchase just a little bit.

Grandma Still Has It

why the frick.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @sirotilcsag

The same goes for this grandma. You should be scared to bring your boyfriend around her because she’s not afraid to show him where your genetics came from.

She’s showing that she had it then, and has it now. This boyfriend broke up with his gf right after this, but rumor has it that his new GF was in the same family. Hmm.

Just A Slight Mishap

grandma grandma.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / arae00

Just because you have fake teeth doesn’t mean that you need to stop enjoying your favorite sweets.

Unfortunately, eating this treat didn’t necessarily work out as planned but it’s nice to see that her teeth look fantastic. She doesn’t seem all too concerned about it. Maybe it’s nice to have a break once in a while and let your teeth loose!

That’s A Modest Monitor


Photo Credit: Imgur

As you age your eyesight slowly starts to fade. Thankfully, technology has graced us with screens that are the size of planets.

This grandpa wasn’t being modest when he bought this screen for his crossword puzzles. It’s impressive, yet makes me think he should be going to the eye doctor very shortly.

Always Checking On His Best Friend

miracle whip.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

The fact that this GP took the time out of his day to message Miracle Whip to make sure that they’re doing okay is heartwarming.

While many of us struggle to love other humans in general, this man loves mayonnaise so much that he checks up on them. This is the dedicated friendship I want when I’m older.

Thank God For The Extra-ness Of Grandparents


Photo Credit: Twitter / @brina_lioness

There are many reasons to love your grandparents but perhaps one of the most popular is because they spoil you.

It’s a crime to walk into a GP’s house hungry. You could’ve just murdered someone and they won’t care. They’ll still make you a hearty lunch.