People Who Are Oozing A Little Too Much Confidence

Remember that kid from high school that was a little too weird for the weird kids, but he never left home without his leather trench coat and Dungeons and Dragons handbook? He might not be cool, but he is confident. I totally support feeling confident in your own skin, but there’s a fine line between feelin’ yourself and taking it too far.

These people came dangerously close to that line and some of them definitely crossed it. Anyone who has a custom suitcase with their best selfie on it is more confident than Kanye.

You Can Tell Which One Knows How To Accessorize That School Uniform

fabulous middle kid.jpg

Photo credit: alage21 / Reddit

Confidence at a young age is critical, but this kid took it so far it ended up looking like he has to pee. This kid wrecked his mother’s attempt at a nice family memory.

The first day of school is a huge deal for parents, and now they will always look back on this photo as the day he took the most fabulous pee.

Stuntin’ So Hard You Forget That People Can Take Screenshots

ciroc drink.jpg

Photo credit: @god / Instagram

It seems like Snapchat is just filled with people trying so hard to be what they’re not. This guy knows the ladies want a man that has bottle service lined up at the club, but we’re talking bottles of Patron, not olive oil.

He should take a step back and find someone who loves him for who he is, even his olive oil.

That’s One Way To Shoot Your Shot

crush on teacher.jpg

Photo credit: @HenryOmega / Twitter

This Little Leaguer must have known that the world championships was going to be his closest brush with fame. He shot his shot, and, well, he tried. Ladies love a confident man, but he’s barely a boy. Maybe next time he should consult someone other than his friends Chad and Brad.

There’s a chance the woman coming up got this item as a gift, but she seems like the type to buy it herself.

No One Should Be Confident Enough To Drink Wine In Marshalls

woman with her white wine.jpg

Photo credit: @LetMeRestPls / Twitter

This woman drinking a stemless glass of white wine is what every blonde college girl from Arkansas aspires to be. Her confidence is unmatched. She knows people will judge her, and she’s still doing it.

The sunglasses indoors are a nice added touch. They really highlight the fact that she’s probably getting day drunk to cure her hangover.

Man, Preschool Changed You

barney playing pool.jpg

Photo credit: deadbeatdad666 / Reddit

Barney changed for the worse. Now instead of singing songs with preschoolers, he’s the star of the local dive bar and pool hall.

I don’t support his new habits, but it seems like he’s living his best life now and we have to support it.

At Least She’ll Never Lose It

woman and her suitcase of herself.jpg

Photo credit: @CurtisAgg / Twitter

I seriously need to know if this woman got this suitcase made herself, or if someone gifted it to her. If it was a gift, that person is not a friend. But judging by the bleach blonde pixie cut with round-brush bangs, she made it herself. All she’s missing is a stemless glass of white wine.

Retailers should take notes on the photo coming up if they want their customers to be feeling themselves when they leave the store.

No First Day Of School Jitters For This Kid

kids first day of school photo.jpg

Photo credit: Reddit

For most kids, and their parents, the first day or school is filled with screaming and tears. It’s a teacher’s nightmare. It doesn’t look like this kid had any problems though.

He knew he was looking fresh in his velcro runners and two-tone backpack. Nothing would stop him from becoming the most popular kid in first grade.

Their Kids Will Suffer Secondhand Embarrassment For Years

dad doing the flying airplane.jpg

Photo credit: @djbewbz / Instagram

This dad saw another dad doing the airplane with his daughter, and wanted to join in. These two might be having fun, but they will forever scar the memory of their kids.

Not to mention the fact that I am not so confident about the leg or core strength of these two.

Even This Mannequin Knows Their Outfit Is On Point

fabulous mannequin.jpg

Photo credit: NigelTMooseballs / Reddit

I’m not going to lie. This mannequin is a pretty accurate vision of me when the outfit I envisioned in my mind actually looks as good when it’s on. If every store had mannequins to represent my moods, I’d buy their clothing more. But it also means they need a self-conscious mannequin and a slightly anxious one.

Cosplay is supposed to be sexy, but the next person takes it to the dark side.

Darth Vader? More Like Darth Daddy

most fabulous version of darth vader.jpg

Photo credit: sirferrell / Reddit

Cosplay has turned into a competition of who can make a standard character look sexy. Why should super villains be off limits? Who said Darth Vader always had to cover up those curves with a cloak?

This cosplayer is definitely making some 14-year-old boys rethink who their favorite Star Wars character is.

Fresh Out The Womb And Feelin’ Myself

baby feeling themselves.jpg

Photo credit: ThatPastyWhiteGuy / Reddit

Maybe they were born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline. But I think it’s safe to say this baby was born with it. No one can learn confidence this quickly.

This is what happens when you play Beyonce and Cardi B on repeat while they’re in the womb.

Someone Just Listened To Lady Gaga’s Joanne Album

guy loves gagas joanne album.jpg

Photo credit: morphologic / Reddit

This guy could give half the girls at Coachella 2017 a run for their money. Half the crowd was dressed up in the pink Stetson to see Lady Gaga’s performance. This guy obviously had an outer-body experience when he listened to Joanne and new that pink, cowboy chic was his destiny.

This young girl coming up may be feeling good about hitting puberty, but the rest of us know it won’t last long.

He Definitely Knew

pump not in the best place and he knows it.jpg

Photo credit: Ionose / Reddit

People want to think this is a hilarious coincidence but look at the smile on that guys face. Thre is a 100% chance he knew what he was doing the entire time.

No one plans a wrap-around van advertisement without thinking about every little detail. He took that photo knowing the gas pump would end up in that spot.

The Only Time She’ll Feel This Confident About Her Period

congrats on your period cake.jpg

Photo credit: @autumn1shea / Twitter

I don’t want to be the one who has to break it to this girl, so enjoy it while it lasts. Your first period might sound exciting, but don’t worry, it’s all downhill from here.

Hold that cake with confidence while you can. Because the next thing you know you’re grinding on Jonah Hill at a party, and you’re both scarred for life.

If You’re Going To Do It, You Have To Be Able To Sell It

guy dressed for frat party.jpg

Photo credit: @chaseghiglia / Twitter

This is a power move if I’ve ever seen one. Every frat boy at that party has no idea they just got played like a fiddle. This guy passes flawlessly as a girl. I honestly hope he did such a good job that a few of the frat boys tried to shoot their shot with him. The ultimate revenge.

DUIs are supposed to be a lesson not to drive under the influence, but the girl coming up clearly just learned a lesson in self-confidence.

Matthew McConaughey Doesn’t Need Any More Confidence Than He Already Has

matt texas basketball.jpg

Photo credit: Instagram

Alright, alright, alright. Who told Matthew McConaughey that he needed to ooze even more sass and seduction than he already does? The man had a receding hairline in Gold and still looked amazing.

It looks like he should be lecturing the Texas cheerleaders instead of the basketball team, but it’s Matthew McConaughey, so he can do whatever he wants.

Even Marriage Can’t Break His Stride

things by dad sends mom.jpg

Photo credit: @PatrickisdZ / Twitter

If you thought rejection and heartache end after you’re married, you’re wrong. This dad was clearly feelin’ himself and his dry-fit collared golf shirt and just wanted to remind his wife that he’s a real catch.

Even though Tom got shot down by his wife, he’s a hero to the rest of us.

Her DUI Probably Has Nothing To Do With It, Right?

pink barbie jeep to school.jpg

Photo credit: DallasRelates / Twitter

At first, this looks like a confident girl living in a carefree world, but when you realize that she has to drive her Barbie Jeep because of a DUI, things take a turn.

I think showing up driving this after a DUI shows even more confidence than before. Don’t let your past dictate your future.

Sir, Are Those The Pleats In Your Pants Or Something Else?

man reading magazine in airport.jpg

Photo credit: kacyy / Imgur

The look on the woman’s face sitting beside this man is all you need to know about this photo. She is shook that he’s blatantly reading this magazine in the airport.

And judging by the enjoyment on his face, it must be a fascinating article.

This Confidence Mood Swing Is All Too Relatable

me vs me a few hours later (1).jpg

Photo credit: @will_ent / Instagram

Who says you can’t hate yourself and feel yourself all within the span of a couple hours? Variety is the spice of life. It’s boring to be just one thing.

This girl knows that the key to success is to bounce back and forth between having zero confidence and having more than Kanye.