Redditors Got Real About Ways To Get Over Laziness And It’s Absolutely Intriguing

There are specific times during the day (that come all too often) in which it seems that being lazy and sitting on the couch is all you want to do. The act of walking seems like it’s something that needs prior training to achieve.

Unforateunly, not much good comes from being an inherently lazy person. So, in order to combat this, the people of Reddit discussed ways to overcome said laziness and it’s surprisingly insightful.

Small, Easy Tasks

2 minutes.jpg

Weighing yourself down with big tasks can make an already lazy mood lazier. The simple fix to that can be to constantly feed your energy by completing tasks that take basically no time out of your day. Completing simple things like washing a few dishes or folding some laundry can increase your overall happiness.

It’s About The Visual Element


Lists are an underutilized tool in many households. If you have tasks that you look to achieve, having them right in front of you at home can be a constant reminder to push through the laziness and achieve your goals. It’s much easier to feel motivated if you’re achievements and goals are right in front of you. Science.

Countdowns Are Terrifying


The countdown has been one of the oldest tricks in the book. Is there any scenario in which it doesn’t work to countdown? Cliff diving? Yep. Doing something stupid with your best friend? Yep. Getting out of bed? Yep (I guess?). Eating a goat testicle on Fear Factor? Okay, NO.

It Can Be A Simple Fake Out


Ah, the fake out. It’s like when you fold an entire large pizza into two slices and therefore your body only accepts the calories of two slices instead of a whole pizza. The saying “fake it till you make it” has some serious merit when it comes to laziness. Studies show that pretending you’re a morning person will instantly make you a morning person. I don’t know which studies, but some do I’m sure, somewhere.