These Are The Childhood Movies You Need To Show Your Kids

This isn’t your typical list of movies. It’s more of a survival-guide of films that kids show know about. It varies from the world of PG to the world of R-rated movies.

These are the best films for future filmmakers. Every generation craves the nostalgic feel from their childhood, and these movies could do the same thing for your kids and their kids. So, you might as well go get the popcorn ready.

The Goonies

Photo Credit: Warner Bros./MovieStillsDb
Photo Credit: Warner Bros./MovieStillsDb

This is one of the most beloved adventure-comedies ever. They’re kids from a variety of backgrounds and the actors who played them went on to have successful careers.

The understanding of the traumas of adolescence is in this film. If only family or kids films today had kids portray complex, foul-mouthed, I’m-smarter-than you characters. Kids could relate to that.