These People Must’ve Gotten Their Degree In “Being Clutch” Because Their Timing Couldn’t Be Better

Let’s be honest here, most people you surround yourself with are just straight up disappointing. Most of them have bailed on you, left you to fend for yourself at the bar, or just take your friendship for granted in general.

Crappy friends can make you lose total faith in humanity, but it’s important to remember that there are amazing people out there. The people in this article will make you believe in the power of “being clutch” which is a powerful label to carry around. If you’re unaware how important it is to be clutch because your peers suck, you’re in for a treat with these pictures.

Workin’ It Out

This is an outstanding picture that shouldn’t be overlooked. For anyone who has pulled a hamstring, you know it’s one of the worst pains. Every step feels like you’re getting shot in the leg by an automatic assault rifle.

Having someone who can stretch you out is a game changer. It’s like having a friend that’s a lifeguard when you’re at the beach; it’s understated but very necessary.

That Student Budget Though

That mini heart-attack you have when you know that there’s not much money left in your account and the credit machine hasn’t said “approved” yet.

It’s one of the worst feelings to get your card declined; it’s even worse when the item you’re purchasing is three dollars. Don’t make eye contact with anyone, and walk very fast out of the store.

Teachin’ Em’ Young

Is there anything worse than sitting in a bathroom and realizing you don’t have toilet paper?

There are very few options that are available at that point. Either, you improvise with what you have around you (towels, clothing, cardboard toilet paper roll), or you call for back up. If your back-up can be a little kid, it’s a win-win because you know that the judgment won’t be there.

A Teacher That Fights The Good Battles

Photo Credit: Instagram / @memlif3
Photo Credit: Instagram / @memlif3

Who was the awful person that decided to make a class at seven in the morning? They expect hungover college students to be functional at that time, yet the morning doves are still sleeping.

This teacher sets the tone for the class in the best way possible. Every morning will be a pajama party which makes going at least a little bit more bearable.

The Friend Who Always Has Your Back, Literally

Sometimes we all need somebody to lean on. That somebody in some cases is a friend who is willing to become your TV stand for the class so that you won’t miss the big game.

This is a brilliant strategy too. Teacher’s look for the slight head tilts downward because that always means that student is watching something. This eliminates the head tilt.

Resource Management Is The Key To Survival

Photo Credit; Reddit / Rancorx
Photo Credit; Reddit / Rancorx

While many people will say that happiness is the key to life, this picture will tell you otherwise.

Being able to use the resources around you in an effective manner is the golden ticket to a great life. This person realizes that flip phones are for people stuck in 2008 and some old people who are afraid of change. Using them as clips for food is the future purpose of them.

Dogs Are Best Friends And Should Be Treated As Such

Photo Credit: Instagram / @hoedity
Photo Credit: Instagram / @hoedity

If dogs are truly man’s best friend, then they should get that respect. Would you feed your friend dog food for their entire life? No.

Dogs deserve to be treated to all of the food groups and enjoy all of the delicacies that humans get to have. Bacon-wrapped steak with cooked broccoli and seared salmon? Absolutely.

No Duck Gets Left Behind

This picture shows that good people still exist. While it would’ve been very easy for this biker to turn a blind eye, he didn’t.

Can we just quickly talk about his form? If his career doesn’t work out, he’ll be an instant hire for any crossing-guard position.

What Sonic Says, Goes

This man will be sad to know that Sonic the Hedgehog was going to be called Feel the Rabbit originally.

SEGA went through many mascot ideas and Feel one of them. Sonic’s original name was Mr. Needlemouse which is why the original Sonic game was going to be called Project Needlemouse. “Needlemouse says NO” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

He Said He Would, And He Did

It’s refreshing to see people live up to their promises. This Principal told them he’d wear their pants if they got him a pair and he followed through.

But, where’s the line? I think the pants are great, but why hasn’t he complimented the kid who wears Crocs every day and asked him to wear those? Are Crocs a step too far? We need to stop the discrimination of the comfiest shoe in the world, and it starts with this Principal’s acceptance.

Friends Who Understand The Importance Of Lighting

Photo Credit: Twitter / @jaanemao
Photo Credit: Twitter / @jaanemao

The most overlooked part of taking a good picture is the lighting. You could have the most beautiful background, but if the lighting is too dark or too bright, you’re out of luck.

This team recognizes that their friend is in need of a FIRE pizza selfie to send to her ex-boyfriend. This picture has a flawless execution with perfect angles, perfect lighting, and perfect pizza eating form.

Meme Culture MUST Be Kept Up With

Photo Credit: Twitter / @k_is_like
Photo Credit: Twitter / @k_is_like

In a world when most of the news channels are consumed with negative stuff, memes are the only thing keeping millennials laughing.

It’s almost impossible to keep up with meme culture when you’re on the internet every day; I can’t imagine how hard it is to keep up with when you don’t have a computer near you. It’s not just nice to be up-to-date with your memes, it’s imperative.

Teacher’s Who Help You Scam The System >

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

Thank God for teachers like this who are looking out for their student’s instead of trying to exploit them. You basically have to re-mortgage your parent’s house just to get one semester of textbooks in college.

The price becomes even more outrageous when you realize that most students don’t even open that textbook until exam season.

It’s The Little Things

Find you a guy friend who is willing to wear your booty shorts and hide out in the bathroom for an hour so you can be in dress code for your test.

It was at this moment that he had regretted skipping leg day at the gym every week. Kudos to any guy who is comfortable enough in their own skin to wear short shorts on a regular basis (I’m looking at you Europeans).

The Foundation Of A Life-Long Friendship

Photo Credit Imgur
Photo Credit Imgur

In every friend group, there’s the one kid who is WAY smarter than everyone else and has to bail out their friends in any way possible.

When the teacher picks the seating order so you can’t sit beside your little Einstein, you need to improvise to get a sneak peek at the Holy Grail (their test).

… And You’re NOT Coming

This sneaky woman was clutch without even realizing it. It takes a lot of courage (sometimes liquid courage, actually, most times liquid courage) to approach someone and ask for their number.

Most girls have a backup plan already prepared in case it happens, and memorizing a radio station seems to be a popular one. This time it backfired because the guy won something and guess who he ISN’T going to take to the game?

Ain’t That The Truth

Photo Credit: Twitter / @XThree
Photo Credit: Twitter / @XThree

We’re not sure why this man is in the middle of an ice skating rink when he’s clearly not ice skating. But we are sure that his opinions on garlic bread and women are great.

I, too, enjoy eating garlic bread and respecting women and think more people should too. Thank you for the clutch PSA.

This Guy Is Risking It All

Photo Credit: Reddit / @08rsstretch him
Photo Credit: Reddit / @08rsstretch him

Nothing ruins your day quicker than getting pulled over by the police. It could be the best day of your life, but as soon as those sirens come on behind you it’s an instant downer.

This guy is doing the lord’s work and making sure everyone continues to have a good day and not get pulled over by police. A big THANK YOU is in order, sir.

Not All Heros Wear Capes

Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area and caused upwards of $125 billion in damages. It was the second most costly hurricane to his U.S mainland since Wilma rampaged through Florida in 2005.

When this woman was stranded in her flooding home, this man (and his jet ski) came to the rescue.

…Some Wear Fluorescent

An estimated 13 million people were affected by Harvey, 135,000 homes were destroyed. Over one million cars were wrecked or damaged.

The storm dumped over 27 trillion gallons of rain over Texas, and some areas received more than 50 inches of rainfall. The weight of the water sunk Houston temporarily.