These YouTube Beauty Gurus Will Have You Doing Perfect Winged Eyeliner In No Time

I cannot even express to you how lucky I feel to live in an era when makeup tutorials on YouTube are a thing. There are people online who have dedicated their lives to teaching people like me how to look presentable, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Nowadays high school students are sporting full glam makeup, and it’s all thanks to these people. If you’d like to up your makeup game, here are the channels you need to subscribe to immediately.



Photo Credit: @pixiwoos / Instagram

Sam and Nic Chapman are the gorgeous sisters behind PIxiwoo, a beauty YouTube channel that been around for a long, long time.

These girls are professionals in the makeup industry. They’ve worked as makeup artists, and they design the makeup tools and brushes for Real Techniques. Their channel is super helpful and informative.

Patrick Starrr


Photo Credit: @patrickstarrr / Instagram

Patrick Starrr is a man to watch. He constantly slays with his on-point makeup looks. His tutorials fall somewhere between drag and everyday glam.

He often does collaborations with other YouTubers and some non-YouTuber celebrities. This guy has talent coming out of every pore. Check him out if you’re looking for some serious makeup inspiration.

Nikkie Tutorials


Photo Credit: @nikkietutorials / Instagram

Nikkie Tutorials started the famous “power of makeup” trend. Basically, she made up one half of her face and left the other half natural to showcase just how powerful makeup can be.

This girl is definitely full glam, but even if you’re more into natural looks, Nikkie’s videos are full of tips and tricks that can be applied to any makeup style.

James Charles


Photo Credit: @jamescharles / Instagram

James Charles is a relatively new addition to the world of beauty on YouTube. He made a real impact when he hit the scene, and he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

I’ve learned a lot from James’ channel — like how to blend eyeshadow properly, how to get a perfect nose contour, and how to call everyone “sister.”

Michelle Phan


Photo Credit: @michellephan / Instagram

Michelle Phan turned her YouTube fame into a full-fledged beauty empire. After inspiring millions of followers with her makeup tutorials, Michelle created Ipsy, a monthly makeup subscription kit that took the cosmetics industry by storm.

Now she’s focusing on more artistic pursuits while being a kickass boss lady.

Samantha Maria


Photo Credit: @samanthamariaofficial / Instagram

Samantha Maria’s love of all things makeup is so evident in her YouTube videos. She’s not a trained makeup artist, but she does know her way around an eyebrow pencil.

Her channel is also full of great fashion and lifestyle inspiration. This girl is truly a master of all trades.

Manny Mua


Photo Credit: @mannymua733 / Instagram

Manny MUA (MUA stands for makeup artist, by the way) is a YouTuber who’s been taking our breath away for some time now. He got his start doing drag, but then found a way to incorporate makeup into his everyday life.

Manny recently put out his own makeup line, and his videos are probably the only reason I know how to “bake” my face.

Zoe Sugg


Photo Credit: @zoella / Instagram

Zoe Sugg, better known to the internet as Zoella, is the verifiable queen of YouTube. This girl does it all — she blogs, she vlogs, she makes sit down videos, she’s one half of the most famous YouTube couple, and she has her own line of beauty products.

She keeps saying that she’s a makeup amateur, but come on, look at her, she knows what she’s doing.

Lily Pebbles


Photo Credit: @lilypebbles / Instagram

Check out Lily’s channel if you want a peaceful and serene break from your own hectic life. Let Lily’s soothing voice tell you about all of the new makeup products that are about to hit the shelves.

This girl is great, and nobody does no-makeup-makeup better than her.

Kathleen Lights


Photo Credit: @kathleenlights / Instagram

Kathleen Lights can make any eyeshadow color look amazing. She does a really great review series on her channel where she tests out different products and tells you what’s worth buying, and what definitely isn’t.

She also brought out some of her own makeup products with Colorpop.

Tanya Burr


Photo Credit: @tanyaburr / Instagram

Tanya Burr is a British YouTuber who’s style is always on point. She got her start working at MAC before she began her YouTube career.

This girl knows what looks good, and she’s here to share her wisdom with all of us. She also does hair tutorials, vlogs, and classic YouTube sit-down videos.

Hello October


Photo Credit: @hellooctober / Instagram

Hello October, or Suzie as she’s known to her friends, is a smaller YouTuber with big talent. Her makeup always looks great and she loves to share her thoughts on products both new and old.

Her “chatty get ready with me” videos are some of my favorites.

Jaclyn Hill


Photo Credit: @jaclynhill / Instagram

Jaclyn Hill is more than a beauty guru, she’s a beauty icon. Her makeup line has been dominating at stores like Ulta and Sephora. Nobody does a highlight like Jaclyn Hill.

A lot of the other MUAs on this list say that Jaclyn Hill is their number one inspiration.

Tati Westbrook


Photo Credit: @glamlifeguru / Instagram

Tati Westbrook is one of the OG beauty YouTubers. Her tutorials and reviews are always super clear and helpful. This “glam life guru” (as she was once known) eats, sleeps, and breathes makeup (not literally though).

Check out Tati’s channel for helpful advice from a big sister type.

Kandee Johnson


Photo Credit: @kandeejohnson / Instagram

Kandee Johnson doesn’t just do everyday makeup tutorials. She’s good at those, but she’s also well known for her makeup transformation.

She’s transformed herself into a Barbie doll, Edward Scissorhands, Audrey Hepburn, Tina from Bob’s Burgers, and hundreds of other famous characters. This girl has serious talent.

Wayne Goss


Photo Credit: @gossmakeupartist / Instagram

Wayne Goss is an English makeup artist, YouTube personality, and entrepreneur. He also owns and runs a super successful makeup brush line that he launched in September 2013.

His channel is full of helpful tips and tricks, and he has over 3 million subscribers.

Ingrid Nilsen


Photo Credit: @ingridnilsen / Instagram

Ingrid Nilsen has been on quite a YouTube journey. She hit the scene quite early as “Missglamorazzi.”

She has since come out as gay and produced a bunch of LGBT content. She’s stuck close to her beauty roots, though, and she regularly posts makeup reviews and tutorials.



Photo Credit: @itsmarziapie / Instagram

You probably know Marzia as Felix, AKA Pewdiepie’s other half. Marzia’s been able to amass quite a following as the girlfriend (now fiance) of the YouTuber with the most subscribers ever.

She’s quite a talent in her own right. Her aesthetic is so perfectly her own, and she’s an absolute joy to watch.

Laura Lee


Photo Credit: @larlarlee / Instagram

Laura Lee’s makeup always looks perfect, no matter where she is or what she’s doing. This girl has released some of her own products, and her tutorials are creative and easy to follow.

Give her videos a watch if you’re looking for information with a bit of sass.

Thomas Halbert


Photo Credit: @thomashalbert / Instagram

Thomas Halbert is a newer beauty YouTuber who is following in James Charles’ footsteps. He’s on track to become one of the biggest beauty gurus on the platform.

Thomas made a video of himself following other beauty YouTubers’ tutorials and started a trend that spread like wildfire.