These Hollywood Stereotypes Have Foreigners Shaking Their Head

Hollywood is riddled with laughable clichés and overgeneralizations. From wild high school parties to car chases that never have any consequences, there’s plenty of scenes on the big screen that embellish reality. While Americans are well aware of our own stereotypes, we may be more ignorant to the unrealistic portrayals of foreign countries. On Reddit, people around the world shared the most ridiculous things Hollywood gets wrong about their home country. If you were ever convinced that everyone in France is a romantic or that Russia is always freezing, then get ready for a hilarious reality check.

It’s Always Winter In Russia


One Redditor pointed out, “If it’s summer in the US, then it’s summer in Russia.” Indeed, Russia not only has seasons, but they occur around roughly the same time as the seasons in the US.

The Reddit user explained that they’re no “stickler” when it comes to realistic movie portrayals, but it drives them crazy just how wrong Hollywood gets it. They said, “If you’re showing a sunny summer day in a green-as-can-be Central Park in New York, then there can’t be a blizzard over Red Square in Moscow.”