Greatest MTV Unplugged Albums

MTV Unplugged premiered rather quietly in the fall of 1989 as an acoustic showcase for serious musicians. These folks didn’t go into it for the fame, but they did hope to further establish themselves in a new setting.

Within a year, those artists were eager to prove themselves as serious musicians. From there on, at that point, Unplugged became a prestige platform for the music industry.

Stone Temple Pilots Performance Was A Memorable One

Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The set was performed live worldwide on MTV in 1993. The set features a few songs from the band’s first album, Core. Stone Temple Pilot’s performance remains a memorable performance, mainly because the song “Big Empty” was played live for the very first time ever.

Other songs from the performance include Andy Warhol, a cover by David Bowie, and Sex Type Thing, which was added to the album as a bonus track.