Gwen Stefani’s Inspiration For “Hollaback Girl” And Other Stories Behind Your Favorite Top Songs

Top songs are everywhere. They’re in your car radio, you listen to them at work, and we all danced to them at parties. But with every song comes a story and meaning. For instance, Paul McCartney wrote: “Hey Jude” to comfort John Lennon’s song, Julian, during his parent’s divorce.

It’s stuff like that which makes these tunes even more important. What about these other top songs? The stories behind them will change how you listen to them.

“I Shot The Sheriff” By Bob Marley Is All About Birth Control

Peter Still/Redferns/Getty Images
Peter Still/Redferns/Getty Images

A former girlfriend of Marley claims it’s about birth control. She and the late musician had disagreements over her use of birth control. Marley believed that using birth control was a sin and the “doctor who prescribed those baby-killing pills became the sheriff.”

Whatever his original intent was, it became an anthem against corruption and injustice.