Meet Arthur Dubois, A Newly Discovered 72-Year-Old Trap Music Producer

Beats By Arthur

Arthur Dubois is just like any other 72-year-old grandfather, except he has been producing trap music beats for six years. After being instructed by his doctor to stay home due to a health concern, he began learning music production and experimenting with it himself.

On March 4, 2019, he figured that it was the time for him to show someone his work. He says that he was “looking for someone to mix, master and arrange music for me.” So, he made his way to Haven Studios, a music mentoring program on the South Side of Chicago. There, he met the owner of the studio, Andre “Add-2” Daniels. At first, Daniels was hesitant because the studio is meant for youth but decided to give Dubois’ music a listen after Dubois claimed he was “young at heart.”

Once Dubois started playing his music, Daniel was completely blown away. He recalled, “When the bass dropped, my face went into full shock. His beats sounded exactly like the beats I hear my 16, 17, 21-year-old mentees rapping to […] I thought it was a fluke. I went to the next one and it was just as good, then the next and the next. Each time I was in pure disbelief.”

Apparently, Dubois’ taught himself how to use a computer to make his own beats which he creates using Protools and Mixcraft. Daniels was sure to take videos because he knew that nobody would believe him otherwise. The videos of Dubois playing his music went viral shortly after Daniels posted them on Twitter.

Grammy Award-winning producer !llmind even retweeted the video saying that it “made my day,” showing that Dubois’ music is now circulating among professional producers. Daniels has since helped Dubois set up a Twitter account @BeatsByArthur and the two have been consistently working in the studio together, preparing for the next step.