Popular Snacks That Are Now Discontinued

It’s always nice to have something that reminds you of the good parts of childhood. For some, it’s the snacks they remember either sharing with a friend or eating while watching a favorite TV show. Unfortunately, many of the snack foods that millennials grew up loving don’t exist anymore.

They were advertised to kids with catchy commercial jingles and bright packaging, which made it all the more exciting when they were brought right into their own kitchen. So, take a stroll down memory lane and don’t get too upset when you find out these popular snacks are now discontinued.

Don’t Choke On A Wonder Ball

a spongebob wonder ball box with a wrapped and unwrapped chocolate wonder ball snack
Katie Slack/Pinterest
Katie Slack/Pinterest

Kids growing up in the 1990s may remember the commercial that asked them, “What’s in the wonder ball?” Nestlé Wonder Balls were designed similar to the Kinder Surprise where the outer coating was a chocolate shell and inside were small figurines of Disney characters.

This quickly became a choking hazard and they were discontinued for the first time in 1997. A few years later they went on sale to the public once again, but instead of the figurines there was candy inside, based on characters from SpongeBob Square Pants, Care Bears, Pokémon, and more. Sadly, they were discontinued by Nestlé for the final time in 2007.