After Their Baby Woke Up With Scratches, These Parents Discovered Something Unsettling

Many parents fear something happening to their child above all else. For a young couple in Michigan, this fear became a reality once they noticed strange markings on their daughter’s face. After reviewing the footage on their baby cam, the young parents were sure they were in danger.

Fearing for their lives, the couple now prepares to move out. The conclusions they drew from the footage has received widespread attention. Read on to discover what they think they saw, and what one critic believes really happened that night.

A Happy Couple

Heather and Joshua take a selfie.
News 24/7/Youtube
News 24/7/Youtube

Twenty Five-year-old Heather Brough and 30-year-old Joshua Higgins were living the life many young couples dream of. Living in a guesthouse next door to Joshua’s mother, they were focused on raising their adorable one-year-old, Lily.

Then their quiet life in Michigan was turned upside down when Heather noticed that something was off about Lily one morning. She had scratches on her face. Her suspicions grew when the scratches healed only to reappear again shortly thereafter. Something was off.