Creepy Photos Of Ghosts So Real You’ll Get Nightmares

Have you ever had that feeling in the middle of the night like you’re being watched when you’re all alone? Then you feel a cold breath on the back of your neck and begin to shake with fear. You grit your teeth and build up the courage to turn around. And when you’re finally ready you look and see… nothing. Were you relieved or disappointed? If you were hoping to catch a glimpse into the great beyond, then we have just the pictures to make the hair stand up on your arms. Are these ghosts real? They look pretty real to us!

This Poor Guy Is About To Get A Trick Instead Of A Treat

ghiost in mirror over dog

This is easily one of the best pictures of a ghost you’re bound to see. The photographer had just bought a new Samsung Galaxy 9 phone and wanted to test out the camera by taking a picture of their pooch. They didn’t know they were also getting an amazingly clear shot of a ghost.

The person is adamant that they have done nothing to doctor this image, even proclaiming how frightened they are. And to think, if it wasn’t for amazing smartphone camera technology they might never know!