These Dangerous Toys Should’ve Never Been Sold

Toys are designed for children and families to have a good time and expand their imagination. Years later people can look back on the experiences they shared with their toys as nostalgic and sentimental. Unfortunately, there are a number of toys that were later deemed dangerous and banned due to a great deal of harm they brought upon their owners.

Some Barbie dolls, drawing tools, card games, and more were eventually recalled because of children being exposed to negative side effects like poison, choking hazards, and sharp objects. Make sure these hazardous toys are far away from you and your loved ones!

No One Is Safe Around A Sky Dancers Barbie

YouTube: Black Watch Productions
YouTube: Black Watch Productions

After being around for decades Mattel is constantly thinking of new versions for their famed Barbie doll. In the mid-1990s they created the Sky Dancers Barbie that had a pull-string base connected to a doll with foam wings. After the doll was inserted and the string was pulled it would launch in the air and spin around.

Only about six years after its release it ended up getting recalled. Over 100 people reported that they were injured by the doll for reasons such as it flying rapidly in unpredictable directions and that it hit both adults and children.