The Dumbest, Cheesiest, And Most Awkward Movie Lines That We Love To Hate

“You can’t handle the truth!” Well, the truth is that movies are more than just entertainment. They leave us with quotes that we use every day in our lives. The movie lines we love will always be unforgettable, but there are some quotes we remember for all the wrong reasons.

We’re not sure how these ultra-cheesy lines made it through multiple script re-writes, but we love to hate them. I think it’s an unwritten Hollywood rule that every great rom-com has to have one awful line at the end. These are all the cheesiest, most awkward, and painfully obvious lines that Hollywood has blessed us with.

Oh, I Didn’t Even Notice I Was Covered In Water

four wedding funeral quote.jpg

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Carrie and Charles didn’t have the best luck throughout Four Weddings and a Funeral but when they finally come together, it truly is a tearjerker moment. That is until she decides to spew out this ridiculous line.

The actress who played Carrie, Andie MacDowell, defended the line later saying “she was so in love, she wasn’t thinking about the fricking rain.”

This Is Just One Of Many Bad Lines By Mr. Freeze (6).gif

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Remember the time that Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to land a leading role in Batman and Robin? I know, I tried to forget about it too. The villain he played, Mr. Freeze, was terrible but he did have some hilarious one-liners.

Other cold-related lines include “Ice to meet you,” and “Alright everyone, chill!”

The Easiest Way To Ruin A Wholesome Moment

snow dad quote.jpg

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Jack Frost is a kids movie, so we’re not expecting Oscar-worthy scripts, but this line is especially cheesy. Also when you think about it, the movie was super creepy. A father dies in a car accident and comes back to life as a snowman. Pardon me?

The next cheesy line came from the fourth Transformers movie, so they had clearly run out of ideas.

Take THAT Mark Whalberg

my face is my warrant.jpg

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No one expected the fourth Transformers film, Transformers: Age of Extinction, to be any good but critics actually praised the film.

The movie was 90% explosion scenes and only 10% dialogue. And the words that audiences did get to hear weren’t much better than this one.

I Mean, You’re Not Totally Wrong (1).gif

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Let’s all have a moment of silence for the film Face/Off starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. Critics loved the movie, but since its release it has become more and more hilarious for lines like this.

The plot where an FBI agent and terrorist switch physical appearances is a good concept, but who let this line make the final cut?

LL Cool J Was Spitting Some Truth

mindhunters weakness.jpg

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One of LL Cool J’s earliest films when he broke into acting, was playing the lead in Mindhunters and delivering this memorable line. Hey, LL, guess what? That’s literally everyone’s weakness. Unless you’re Superman, this is everyone’s problem.

The actor coming up gave us an iconic line that makes any history buff cringe.

Freedom Won’t Mean Much Where You End Up

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If we put aside the fact that Mel Gibson is the worst, his character William Wallace in Braveheart is one of the memorable films of all time for delivering lines like this.

But I’ll say it: it’s cheesy as heck. I get that he was trying to encourage the troops and get them excited to risk their lives, but if I were on one of those horses, I would have been giggling under my breath.

’90s Rom-Coms Were Not About Girl Power

notting hill quote (1).jpg

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Julia Roberts and Hugh Jackman stole our hearts in the ’90s for their rom-com Notting Hill, but looking back on it, it’s terrible. Roberts’ character is just standing there begging to be loved.

Girl, you need to love yourself before you go around begging people to love you.

Thanks For That Incredible Piece Of Wisdom, Danny

world war two start.jpg

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Pearl Harbor was a mixed bag. It did great at the box office but critics panned it. When the bombings start, we’re all told that World War II has begun, even though the rest of the world is already two years into it. Thaks for finally joining the party, America.

There are a lot of bad lines from Twilight, but the one coming up takes the cake.

And With That, I’ll Say Goodbye

had me at hello.jpg

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This is one of those instances where a cheesy line sneaks its way into an otherwise amazing movie. Jerry Maguire is a sports-rom-com which doesn’t happen a lot, so both men and women tend to love it.

Unfortunately, men now think it’s okay to use this cheesy line on women.

Sure You Are, Jack (5).gif

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Titanic is one of those movies that everyone has seen, and this line has been repeated time and time again. It’s memorable, short, and sweet. But the memorable line consistently tops polls for “cheesiest movie line.”

It was great the first time, but if you rewatch the movie, you realize that it’s super unnecessary.

Everything About Twilight Was Pretty Cheesy

twilight spider monkey.jpg

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I don’t even know where to start with this movie, and I don’t want to. We all know that Twilight wasn’t Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson’s best work, but they did the best they could. I’m positive that Pattinson wasn’t ecstatic about calling his costar a spider monkey, but he did it.

The line coming up is from one of the worst films of all time.

I Don’t Think Vin Diesel Cracked A Smile At Any Time In The Fast And The Furious Franchise (4).gif

Photo credit: Melvin Fishburne / YouTube

Throughout the entire Fast And The Furious franchise he spits out ridiculous lines like this, and after the first six films, it was getting tiring. We get it, you drive fast cars, and you’re tough.

If you can think of a film where Vin Deisel doesn’t play the stereotypical tough guy, I’ll be impressed. Even in The Pacifier, he was a tough-guy babysitter.

Christian Grey Hitting Us With The Real Romantic Lines

fifty shades darker quote.jpg

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The Fifty Shades Of Grey franchise is in a league of its own. The books drove middle-aged women around the world crazy, all because of lines like this.

Christian Grey is supposed to be a suave, handsome, and intelligent man but he can’t think up anything a little more romantic to say about his wife?

Never Forget That Gigli Happened

It's turkey time... gobble gobble..jpg

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Everyone, including Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, would love to forget this movie ever existed. It often tops the Worst Movies Ever list. The two actors are incredible in other movies, but their awkward chemistry in Gigli combined with Thanksgiving-themed seduction was just weird.

Coming up, Star Wars has given us some of the best lines, and some of the worst.

Unpopular Opinion: The Notebook Was Just Okay (7).gif

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The Notebook is a favorite of most high school girls. Any high school boys that watch the film are handed step-by-step instructions on what to say to a girl. But lines like this are too much, even for 15-year-olds.

Boys, if a girl says “I’m a bird” then let her fly away and don’t respond with something as cheesy as this.

The Star Wars Prequels Didn’t Have The Same Amazing Quotes As The Original Trilogy

star wars dont like sand.jpg

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There are a lot of things you can critique the Star Wars prequels for, but Episode II – Attack of the Clones is well known to be the worst of the bunch. The entire movie is basically just Anakin Skywalker complaining about literally everything.

It’s hard to have any memorable quotes in a movie that’s just a filler before the third.

The Covenant Is Filled With Bewitching Puns

make you wee yotch.jpg

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The Covenant is one of those films that fans loved, but critics hated because of the fact they tried to add the word “witch” to every other line.

The weird trend of supernatural stuff like witches, vampires, and ghosts have usually done well in Hollywood, but have a hard time being taken seriously.

Women Have Been Saying This For Centuries

no time to bleed.jpg

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In one of the major action scenes of Predator, Blain hands us this hilarious line that made women of the world collectively roll their eyes.

Yes, Blain, you don’t have time to bleed because you’re fighting bad guys. But women have been raising children, holding down jobs, and making our world a better place for thousands of years while bleeding five days a month. Get over it.

That’s Some Impressive Logic There, Storm

struck by lightning (1).jpg

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This line handed to us by Storm in the original X-Men film is like when bad guys give a speech that is unnecessarily long and complex.

Storm obviously didn’t have anyone copy edit that line, or they would have simplified it because she lost my attention halfway through the sentence.