A Confused Boyfriend Takes To Twitter To Hilariously Vent About What It’s Like To Live With His GF And Her Bestfriend

If you’ve ever had to live with a roommate or roommates, you know that it can either be the best time of your life, or it can be the worst. It’s one thing to be friends with someone, but it’s a completely different world when you actually live with them.

While most of the time guys tend to end up living with other fellas and girls end up with other girls, there are some outliers. A young man moved in with his girlfriend and her friend without realizing what he was getting himself into. He ended up living to tell the tale on Twitter, and we’re thankful he did because it’s absolutely hilarious. Enjoy the inevitable rollercoaster of emotions.

And So It Begins…

When you live with the same gender, you don’t truly get to appreciate the differences in the opposite sex.


Living with girls is COMPLETELY different than living with guys. There are a lot of little things that contrast the two and they all add up to making a huge difference.

You’re Not Getting Away With Anything

If you’re a guy and think that when you’re texting a girl that she’s the only one seeing it, you’re dead wrong.

This is why sending risky texts to your crush can be even more daunting, knowing that her entire friend group is probably going to dissect every word you send.

Wait, Do Girls Poo?

Girls are so sneaky when it comes to them having to go to the bathroom. You can know one for their whole life and you’ll never have an inkling that she’s ever done the dirty.

If a girl is around a guy, they’ll hold in their stool for days upon days if they have to. But, when they’re with their girlfriends, all bets are off and nothing is staying inside. Coming up, Craig outlines the process the girls need to go through when going out, and it’s tiring just to read.

And It Started A Lot Of Poo Talk On The Thread

This thread uncovered some very interesting stuff about the way that girls discuss their bowel movements.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @ro123
Photo Credit: Twitter / @ro123

According to this Twitter user, girls have at least one conversation about it every night out, which is absolutely stunning to hear. That’s A LOT of poo talk.

They’re Like Currency

If I had a dollar for every hair clip that I’ve found in my house after living with girls, I would be a millionaire.

Not only do they come in every color, but they come in every shape as well. One day she’ll be wearing a black spider-looking one. The next day she’ll have three watermelon hairclips as if they just appeared out of nowhere.

It Takes An Army For A Night Out

One of the biggest difference between living with males and females is the process for getting ready to go out.

Guys will just shower, put on the same outfit they’ve had on for three days straight and give themselves a finger gun in the mirror. For girls, it takes an entire army and 16 hours to get ready. Just ahead, the importance of eyebrows and the bizarre obsession Craig has to deal with.

A Fully Stocked Fridge Of Candle Flavors

To a girl, candles fix every problem in the world. If you’re having relationship, friendship or financial problems, just light a candle and they’ll all go away.

Also, can we just talk about the unnecessary flavors of candles that are taking over our lives? Asparagus and turtle? Why? Peanut butter and seaweed? No thanks.

Fantasy Is Now Reality

The TV shows that girls tend to watch are very different than a house full of guys. Watching sports turns into watching reality TV shows every day.

Honestly, the issue is that the men end up LOVING the reality shows that they’re “forced” to watch. It just expands the horizons.

Eyebrows NEED To Be On Fleek

There has become an insane fascination with eyebrows. The worst thing you can possibly say to a girl is that her eyebrows aren’t “fleek.”

That’s a shot straight to their stomach. Girl’s are convinced that someone’s eyebrows can tell them everything they need to know about a person’s soul. It’s weird. Coming up, we get some insight into the most important piece of clothing the girls own, and it’s probably surprising.

Dieting Is Merely Just A State Of Mind

We can all relate to this. Dieting and getting a “summer body” are nearly impossible to follow through on.

First of all, you basically have to eat a kale salad with no dressing every day and that’s just not going to happen when Dominoes has a two for one deal.

Every Girl Is A Low Key CIA Agent

Girls are just straight up online stalkers, and they’re very good at it. They need almost no information about the person they’re trying to find, and within minutes, they’ll know what they ate for lunch that day.

They’ll create fake profiles online and add their friend’s ex just to get more dirt on what that guy is doing. The limit to creepy does not exist.

Bathrobes Are The Main Form Of Dressing Attire

Fuzzy bathrobes or dressing gowns are the key to surviving any hangover. It’s very hard to feel comfortable when you blacked out the night before, but a nice bathrobe can do the trick.

It’s like a warm hug sent from Heaven to cradle you through your crippling hangover. It’s truly majestic. Craig talks about the “visitors policy” coming up, and it’s elaborate, to say the least.

If You Can Jiggy, You Jiggy

In a house of guys, there isn’t a lot of spontaneous dancing happening. Living in a house with girls is basically a dance party at all times.

There doesn’t need to be a rhyme or reason for it because every minute of every day has the potential for a flash mob in the living room.


Drama, drama, drama. While many people think that food and water are the keys to survival, for many girls their lifeblood is actually the neverending drama.

They don’t just survive in drama, but they thrive in it. If they haven’t engulfed themselves in the drama for three days they could pass away.

The “Visitors Policy” That’s Mandatory To Follow

For many girls, they don’t want to be seen in public unless they’re presentable. That means makeup on, stylish outfit and clean hair.

Don’t even think for a second that you can just walk into a house of girls with no warning. That’s the number one rule of socializing with them, and it’s absolutely mandatory.

Sharing Is Caring

Another major difference between living with guys and girls is the sharing of the clothes. Rarely will you see a dude wear his friend’s shirt out, while it’s very normal for girls to wear full outfits that aren’t theirs.

It gets to the point that they don’t even know whose is whose anymore. They just have blended closets with their roommates because it’s just a mix of everyone’s stuff.

Shedding Is An Everyday Nuisance

With all of the hair that you can find in a bathroom, you could easily make a wig. If you don’t like your dog shedding, stay away from a bathroom after a girl has a shower.

You’ll find strands of hair in places you didn’t even know could have them. Lift up the wall mirror and there will probably be six clumps of hair just chilling back there.

He Wouldn’t Change It For The World

After all of that, Craig is still incredibly happy to be able to live with girl’s and have that experience.

It’s true, you’ve never seen unbinding loyalty until you live with girls who are best friends with each other. They basically have synced up emotions with each other, and it’s amazing.

The Thread Captivated Thousands


The great thing about this thread is that it was very relatable and not over exaggerated.

If you’ve ever lived with girl’s, you know many of these tweets to be very true. Even if you’ve never had the opportunity to live with a group of young ladies, it was entertaining and educational, to say the least.

To Put A Face To All Of The Antics…

It’s important to be able to put a face to all of the antics that we just read about. I mean, we basically got insight into their everyday lives.

I feel like I know both of these fine young ladies. All I can do is thank them for giving their roommate enough subject matter to come up with one of the funniest Twitter threads of all time.