Apparently, All You Need Is A Pulse To Get A Drivers License

I’d like to start this off by admitting there are a lot of good, careful drivers out on the roads. But for every good driver, it feels like there are five terrible ones. The rules of the road are pretty simple, yet some people manage to break them in all of the most creative ways.

Either driving tests are way too easy nowadays, or these people are great at faking it. No one who eats soup from a pot while driving should have gotten their license in the first place. It’s official: these terrible drivers are in a league all of their own. My heart goes out to whoever had to give them their driving lessons.

Let’s Hope That’s Not A Stick Shift

Photo credit: @planetlinton / Instagram
Photo credit: @planetlinton / Instagram

Feet up, noise-canceling headphones on, time to ride. This guy is breaking about every rule in the books. He’s obviously going for the “relaxed to the max” look to impress the ladies, but he just looks like an idiot.

I’m just praying that it’s not a manual car because then he’s going to burn right through the clutch.