Bizarre Things That Shouldn’t Exist, But We’re So Happy They Do

Creativity is hard to come by. It’s very common for most of us to think we have a good idea until an extra second of thought goes into it, and you realize it’s an awful one. But that’s normal and perfectly okay. Self-awareness and quickly identifying that, say, cheeseburgers wrapped in plastic in a vending machine is probably not a good idea, should be the natural dialogue that occurs in your head.

Thankfully for us (perhaps not thankfully for the customers who bought the product) sometimes this natural process for idea generation just doesn’t happen. The result? Some terrible products that should’ve never been spoken into existence. I mean, who wants just the crust?! Prepare your “cringe meter” because it’s about to get a lot of action.

No! Tampons Too?

Photo Credit: Reddit / geoload
Photo Credit: Reddit / geoload

Just when you thought that pumpkin spice couldn’t seep its way into women’s hygiene product, Tampax proves us very wrong.

Thanks to Starbucks, all of humanity has this obsession with a spice that should only be found in pumpkin pie. Look, it tastes good, and I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure no one tastes tampons.