These Dads Out-Dadded Even The Daddest Of Dads

Being a father is one of the most underappreciated jobs out there. It’s hard work, but well worth it. Between all the throw-up, mood-swings, and temper-tantrums, dads always find a way to have fun and that’s what makes them the best. These dads went into maximum-dad mode, and it is priceless.

No dad jokes or bad puns here. Okay, there are a few dad jokes. These are just some good old-fashioned dads trying to survive in the parenting world one day at a time, and we think they’re doing great, sweetie.

Nap Time Is Any Time

Photo credit: @skyler_nitschke / Twitter
Photo credit: @skyler_nitschke / Twitter

The most impressive thing you notice about your dad growing up is his ability to nap anywhere, anytime.

When you’re a kid, you wanted dad to wake up and play. But as soon as you move out, you finally begin to appreciate his napping abilities.