Dozens Turn Up To ‘Storm Area 51’ Despite Cancellation

Despite the original organizer canceling the event, dozens of people showed up to “Storm Area 51” September 20th. The Facebook page “Storm Area 51: They Can’t Stop All Of Us” originally started as a joke but quickly had people become enthusiastic about the event online.

Approximately 1,500 people attended the festival in Rachel, Nevada. Reports say that only about 75-100 people made the trip to the gate of the government base on Friday morning. The number is drastically lower than the thousands of people they originally expected to storm the gates.

“I’m a little disappointed because it’s a lot less people than they said online,” said Nathan Brown, a visitor from Portland, to The Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The original organizer of the “Alienstock” festival meant to take place in the Area 51 area of Nevada canceled the event due to a lack of organization. He claimed he didn’t want to have a “Fyre Fest 2.0” on their hands and instead created an alien-themed party in Las Vegas for people to attend as an alternative.

It’s also been reported that the government did not arrest anyone who did decide to show up to the gate. Local sheriffs say it’s because the land around Area 51 leading up to the entrance is public. However, one person was arrested for urinating by the gate but that’s illegal whether you’re on a secret government facility or not…