Hilarious News Anchor And Reporter Bloopers That Happened On Live TV

The news cycle is now 24 hours long and that means a lot of reporters, anchors, and meteorologists need to fill the airwaves with an endless cycle of stories. With thousands of stories being produced at any given time, there are bound to be a handful of bloopers that are so funny and shocking that they can’t be ignored. From hilarious reporter reactions to the stories they are covering to unexpected moments during a live broadcast, these hilarious live news bloopers were not expected but they were perfect for so many different reasons.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Has Never Been More Funny

If you’re a reporter working at a local affiliate there is a very good chance you’ll be the network’s guinea pig for hands-on reviews. Nobody knows this better than reporter Cory James. Working in the field meant James would be one of the first people to check out Disney’s new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. During the adventure, James screamed like his life was coming to an end, nearly passed out, and provided entertainment for thousands of viewers. His reaction might be more entertaining than the actual ride. Just look at his amazing reaction while everyone around him remained calm and collected.