Hilarious News Anchor And Reporter Bloopers That Happened On Live TV

Your Putting Your Reporters To Sleep

Remember that 24-hour news cycle we mentioned? Apparently, it’s enough to put even veteran news anchors into a coma at awkward times. Journalist Deedee Sun was exhausted during a live feed and let out a yawn at the most inopportune time. Just as the weather feed cut to the field report she let out a huge yawn. Sun, not letting the moment get her down, posted the video on her own Facebook feed. Meteorologist Ross Janssen even joked: “Deedee looks a little tired out there, doesn’t she?” Her quick wits had her blaming the serene calmness of the area for the brief moment of relaxation. She joked in her post that, “Someone accidentally pushes the right button at just the right time to catch my GIANT yawn hahha!”