Let’s Face It, Kids Are Pretty Dumb, But We Love Them Anyway

Kids haven’t been on the planet for as long as adults have, so they haven’t had as much time to acquire some knowledge and get smart. That’s why most kids are pretty stupid.

That’s ok, though. They’re cute, so we forgive them for being stupid. Keep reading to see a kid who accidentally stole a whole plate from a restaurant and a kid who’s stuck between a few bars and a hard place.

Man Man: The Strength Of Two Men

Photo Credit: Big_Bowler419 / Reddit
Photo Credit: Big_Bowler419 / Reddit

What is the perfect name for a superhero who has double the strength of a normal man? Man Man, of course!

What do you call a superhero who has the strength of five men? Man Man Man Man Man? This is never-ending.