Moments Most People Would Define As A Mistake, But They’re Just Being Super Negative RN

Look, mistakes are made. Everyone slips up once in a while but what really matters is how you rebound from it. If you can learn to turn your mistakes into learning experiences you’re going to be just fine.

Whether you accidentally trip someone, or break something, or even mistakenly hurt someone’s feelings – there’s always room to look at the positives. If you own your mistake then that’s half of the battle won. This article shows you people who slipped up, accepted defeat, and are dealing with the consequences. Enjoy.

The Best Place To Get Stuck

kid in toy.jpg

This is not a mistake no matter how you look at it. Sure he’s stuck in an arcade game, but he’s stuck with everything he’s ever loved in his entire life. There is no place he’d rather be. While mom is screaming crying outside, he’s literally feeling pure bliss and we can’t blame him.