Moments When People Got Caught During The Walk Of Shame

You’ve been down this road before, don’t lie to me. I’ve navigated down the walk of shame in college, and it’s not fun. The hangover and the “Dear God, what did alcohol make me do last night?” runs through your mind with instant regret. Sometimes, it’s not always about the regrets from the night before.

Some people have shown some pride in the most humiliating time ever. Whether it’s forgetting a piece of clothing or being in a hurry to get home, you’re not alone in this big boat. You should take out the notebook and make some improvements the next time this happens to you.

Getting Into A Fender Bender The Morning After Is Not Ideal

Photo Credit: @thimslicckk_/Twitter
Photo Credit: @thimslicckk_/Twitter

There’s a good chance she got out of the car without realizing she doesn’t have pants on. For other drivers, it must be nice to get a good shot of the moon so early in the morning.

She’s probably telling her friend on the phone that she made a bad mistake and now everyone knows who the new girl in town is.