People Who Are Going Above & Beyond By Doing It Right For Once

Comparing two things can be difficult, but there are times when certain people know the difference between being bold and being different. These are the kinds of people who laugh at that remark and say “That’s great and all, but I found another way that sounds way weirder.”

They have a special mind of their own. In fact, some people get so creative that they made a chair Steve Jobs never thought of or take the dab to a whole new level that no one saw coming. The good news is that these folks certainly have a theory that works.

They See You Roman


Photo Credit: wifeyhahn/Reddit

People aren’t hating on you, but this is what happens when you don’t upgrade your car. The rumble of the hot rod can feel like this car is powered by some serious horsepower.

I’m not sure if these folks are on their way to some Roman Comic-con thing, but I can’t stop looking at it.

This Old Man One-Upped The Millenials


Photo Credit: grggy/Reddit

Well, that just proves that you don’t need a phone to listen to music. Millenials will stop and stare then have the nerve to ask the old man what’s on his table.

It’s great he brought headphones because, without them, he would get kicked off with no one to blame but himself.

The World Needs More Innovators

toilet stand as plate.jpg

Photo Credit: godspeedone/Reddit

This is the only time and place where the toilet is sanitary enough to do this. I mean, if the toilets haven’t been purchased yet, the seat should be clean and as white as possible.

It’s weird that the store hasn’t sold them yet, but maybe that’s the point since they could be used as tables. Just ahead, a vehicle that would make any fan of Citrullus lanatus proud.

This Is Awesome


Photo Credit: Large_spork/Reddit

Great, every single car is going to have this by the time we get to 2020. This is more soothing than having a garbage movie filled with emojis.

It’s like this particular emoji is misleading us with the fact that we may have to refill our gas tank. However, just look at your dashboard.

This Would Be Me


Photo Credit: @x_antisocial_butterfly_x/Instagram

We can agree that there are cringy ways to dab, but never has anyone dabbed with this much enthusiasm and commitment.

Also, did we mention the incredible balance they have while achieving it? I already know that this would be me lying on the street in every attempt to plank.

I See Your Watermelon Car And Raise You A Bentley


Photo Credit: compi999/Reddit

Watermelon makes for a pretty slick paint job on cars. The red part on the hood stands out like you’re cruising in Kool-Aid’s car.

This swag isn’t for everyone, but let this be a reminder that if you put your mind to it and actually try, anything is possible in this life. Still on the way, the fingerboard replica kids used to play with just became a reality in a park.

Guess It’s Alright To Do This In Traffic


Photo Credit: Hami_509/Reddit

This is a very weird spot to tie your shoes. Think about it though — what if the loose lace was stuck under the gas pedal?

That would be really dangerous and could end their life. So, I guess it’s okay to stop in the middle of traffic to do something that’s perfectly not safe.

Rate My Setup, Fam


Photo Credit: totalinfonet/Reddit

This chair represents what I mean when I say “I really pulled this essay out of the ying-yang.”

It could be a terrible chair, but it would be the only one of its kind to really show what you think about all those late-night essays. Everyone is looking for comfort when they’re buying a laptop, but usually, that means a computer that you can easily use from the comfort of your bed.

TechDecks Are Still Relevant

finger park.jpg

Photo Credit: andreq991116/Reddit

More than ever before! I was one of those kids who had Techdecks, but I could also do real tricks on a board.

That was a long time ago, but I picked it up again last year because I was obsessed with them. Also, our family moved, so we found my box that could be worth some serious money someday. The “fake till you make it” expression shouldn’t make you mad at the next one ahead.

Meanwhile, At The Mattress Company


Photo Credit: Imgur

All they do is play a round of human dominoes? Count me in. This looks like fun and relaxing at the same time.

It might be weird once you lay down flat, but as long as you’re not the last domino to fall, you get to have a quick power nap before it’s over.

What Year Is This?

every damn time.jpg

Photo Credit: prance2015/Reddit

Welcome to one of the many reasons why men hate to shave. Sorry, let me clarify. It’s not because your face feels weirdly boyish after you’re clean-shaved.

It’s only because I never had a little brother to make this a complete joke. The point is, why a guy shaves, he essentially loses 20 years off his face.

Fake It Till You Make It


Photo Credit: Reddit

The whole “Fake it until you make it” thing shouldn’t make you mad about this. They probably try to make sounds like “vroom vroom” and “beep beep.”

It’s their way to make them feel like a car. I wouldn’t be surprised if people tried to target the car by throwing eggs at it. The dark soul of the music room is going to hunt you down. Be prepared for what’s to come shortly.

The Mailbox Of The House That Never Gets Robbed


Photo Credit: Tibsmith/Reddit

Giant brick guns shouldn’t have anything to do with the mail. But, here we are now with a house you can’t miss.

These folks clearly went through the “you can’t miss it” bit just to make this an impressive addition to the house. However, this would give teenagers motivation to rob the mailbox.

New Breakfast Of Champions

breakfast of champions.jpg

Photo Credit: @araslanian_/Twitter

If your uncle paid you to eat this, would you do it? Before you answer, think about this.

It might be full of protein and all, but this could make you gag at the same time. Even if this was mixed into a blender, there’s no way in hell someone will make you down that.

The Dark Soul Of The Music Room


Photo Credit: Zaron22/Reddit

You’ve messed around before and after music practice, but this guy took it to another level.

He’s like the tube knight that nobody saw coming, but he has daily fights with the trash can. The point here is that he does it valiantly like he’s the modern Beethoven. Battlebots are making a comeback and you’ll never guess what new addition they have to their machines.

My Grandpa Once Used A Magnifying Glass Too

lmao lmao lmao.jpg

Photo Credit: Light-freeze/Reddit

There’s just something about making your TV screen look smaller. You only do this so you can be immersed in the latest show you’re binge-watching on Netflix.

All those popup ads can really be distracting, so good for this granddad for showing us how people blocked ads in the good old days.

Looks Like Maynard James Keenan


Photo Credit: _oWo_/Reddit

Silly Maynard James Keenan. I get that you’re supposed to keep your voice in tip-top shape, but eating Vics VapoRub is not the answer you’re looking for.

I just hope that the second he gets it open, he doesn’t rip his shirt off, rub the gel on his chest and sign “Soft kitty.”

Lock & Load Boys


Photo Credit: c0decat/Reddit

At a first glance, they kind of look like car keys. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of that. This is pretty much what our future is going to look like.

We all figured that it would be big, terrifying robots that are taking over, but it’s really the roombas we have to. worry about.

If Only My Parents Were That Generous


Photo Credit: @x_antisocial_butterfly_x/Instagram

When we get to that age when we know what purses and wallets are for, it’s a blessing in disguise.

My wallet wasn’t my Smartfood popcorn supply during college, but it was where I kept my first few baseball cards for a while. You never know what you’ll need to look at something.



Photo Credit: Gamer1283454/Reddit

It’s funny because “hond” is Dutch for “dog.” Bet you didn’t know about that one, and neither did I.

It’s awesome that you get to learn something new. All this dog needs is a “You’re a good boy/girl” and off they go.