People Who Found Themselves In Sucky Situations With Even Suckier Solutions To Get Out Of Them

An underrated skill that we tend to overlook is being able to problem solve. We’re all eventually going to get ourselves in situations that are unpleasant and uncomfortable. It’s how we get out of them that will end up defining us as individuals.

Thankfully for us, these sticky situations only happen once in a while, so we don’t have to face them too often. With that being said, some people just aren’t as lucky. These are those people, and these are their stories.

Can I Direct Your Attention To This Little Screen Please

the projectoer.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @djbewbz

Technology is unpredictable at best, which is why it’s important to always have a backup plan in case something goes horribly wrong.

And by a backup plan, I really mean to make sure that you have someone with incredible forearm strength that’s willing to act as a projector for hours on end.

They Wanted To Really Feel The Beat

send help.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram

You know when your song comes on and you just want to BE the music? Well, this is what happens when you try to actually feel the beat.

On the bright side, having the speaker attached to your hand kind of makes you look like you’re a transformer, which is pretty badass.

A Sticky Situation To Say The Least

stuck between chairs.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Bendersass

The problem when being a little kid is that your head just seems to fit perfectly in between items where you don’t want your head to fit perfectly.

For example, having your head snug between two car seats may sound like a dream, but by this kid’s face, it’s anything but. Coming up, a man had ONE job to do. Find out if he was able to do it. Hint: NO.

We’ve All Been There?

stuck in toilet.jpg

Photo Credit: Tumblr

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all slipping into the toilet by accident at least once or twice. Right? Right?

Whether it’s trying to sit down on the toilet when the seat is up and touching the water below, or just being small and literally falling through the donut hole, it’s a story as old as time.

A Bit, Uh, Saltier Than Expected

not happy with finger scoop.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

There’s nothing quite like the pre-cinnamon bun feeling. When you know you’re about to indulge in one, the blissful feeling is like none other.

The complete devastation this roommate must’ve felt after he took a scoop of bacon grease would be haunting for the rest of his life. My thoughts are with the roommate at this time.

He Needs Sum Melk

will be fired.png

Photo Credit: Reddit / bmartin1989

This guy only had ONE job, and he completely screwed it up in the most obvious way possible.

He was told to transport the milk to storage WITHOUT spilling it. Instead, he created a milk whirlpool and was totally engulfed. This is not how he envisioned his day ending. If you’re looking to transform into a smurf you’ll want to see this picture just ahead that gives you the ‘how to’.

This Is Not Going As Planned

bruh walmart.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @devALMxGHTY

Sometimes it’s a power move for a guy to go to the girl’s washroom and vice-versa. There are more stalls in women’s washrooms so it can shorten the wait time if you need to go “number two.”

With that being said, you need to proceed with caution because you don’t want to be seen. You have to wait for everyone to leave, which can be a serious time commitment. This guy is getting burned on that here.

The Benefits Go Both Ways

mens washroom.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @kyaraxnycole

The benefits for women going into the men’s washroom comes in the club. The line to get into the women’s washroom is ALWAYS ten times the size of the mens, so sometimes they sneak over.

It’s an efficient switch because it cuts down their bathroom time by about 20 minutes which allows more dancing time.

That’s Pretty Rad, Actually

smurf smurf.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll be buying the bath bomb that turns me into a smurf ASAP.

That’s hands-down one of the coolest side effects I’ve ever seen on a beauty product. Usually, the side effects come in the form of irritated skin or rashes, but this one literally turns you into your favorite childhood blue thingy. Coming up, a picture that shows exactly why you shouldn’t just double check your texts, but TRIPLE check.

The Sweater Got A Life Of Its Own

froze outside.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

Who knew that if you left your wet sweater out in the freezing cold for a half hour that it learns how to break dance?

That handstand is impressive. I don’t know what inspired this sweater to learn how to dance, but we’re all for it.

Danny DeVito, Is That You?

my sister thought.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Kaycon000

You don’t often see a little girl look up to Danny DeVito so passionately that she decides she wants to look like him.

This is a first. It’s 2018, so we’re not about to judge what hairstyle a girl or guy wants, but this one is certainly unique. It ages her about 67 years but to each their own.

Always Double Check, Always

double check text.png

Photo Credit: Twitter / @jbhrle3

This is why it’s important to double check everything you do. It’s so easy to get sloppy and lazy when you’re texting.

Most of us just send our texts right away without proofreading them and it can easily backfire on us. From autocorrect to, uh, this public humiliation — the cardinal rule should be to make sure we know exactly what we’re sending. A trip to a petting zoo took a wild turn and it’s perfectly captured in a picture coming up.

“Please Stop Sucking My Finger, Thank You”

my dentist.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @sarbeaaar

There’s nothing worse than going to the dentist. Even a “good time” at the dental office is an awful time in general.

If all things go smoothly you still feel slightly violated. When things go poorly with the dentist, it’s an entirely new level of low that you’ve never felt before.

That Didn’t Go As Planned

sandpaper hack.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / titanicman119

This is like going into an auto parts store looking for blinker fluid. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily make a fool out of yourself.

Taking sandpaper to your windshield is one of the most ignorant things you can do to your car.

The Petting Zoo Excursion Didn’t Go As Planned


Photo Credit: Reddit / bwaxse

There are specific animals that you’re completely okay and at ease with getting attacked by.

For example, if you’re in the lion’s den and it attacks you, you’re understanding. But when peacocks come charging with a vengeance at a petting zoo, it’s a bit startling. I think this face says it all. Coming up, a guy tries to fix the work printer and it, uh, nevermind.

The Face Of Defeat

spag spag.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / spklovestheusa

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to make large amounts of food at one time. This is an Italian’s nightmare to see this much pasta sauce smeared across the gross kitchen floor.

I’m fairly certain (don’t quote me on this) that in Italy it’s a felony to spill more than a jar of sauce in a single accident. This could be life in prison.

You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

door knob.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @GarrettScales1

While we all want to believe that we were born equal, some people are just blessed with a lot more talent than the rest of us.

While some people can sing, dance, and juggle all at the same time, many of us struggle to put one foot in front of the other. Even being the doorknob would be difficult for some of us who wouldn’t be able to react to the twisting as graceful as it would need to be.

This Guy Needs To TONE It Down

whatw hat .jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / goryeki

What gives you more trouble on a daily basis, your 16-year-old son who keeps getting suspended or the work printer?

I’ll tell you, the work printer hands down. This guy looks like he came straight out of the coal mines and it’s not a good look.

And Boom Goes The Dynamite

what happens.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

This is a picture that should haunt you for years to come. This is basically like dropping a 7/11 XXL Pepsi slushie in the back of your car.

Not only is greatness staring back at you as it soaks into the seats, but you didn’t even get one sip of it before you had to lay it to rest.

Vending Machines Are The Technological Devil

vending machine (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / ioxenus

I’m not a doctor but I can only assume that the success rate of actually getting what you ordered before it gets stuck is about 14%.

That might even be high. That means around 85% of the time you have to troubleshoot the machine by buying another item and trying to knock down the stuck one. It’s atrocious.