People Who Just Want Us All To Be Super Uncomfortable

Being comfortable all the time isn’t good for anyone. It means you’re not growing as a person and your so-called “comfort zone” is staying stagnant. It’s good to feel uncomfortable every once in a while because that’s when you’re learning.

With that being said, being uncomfortable is also when you’re the most vulnerable. Sometimes, it’s someone’s actions that make you uncomfortable. Other times, it’s what people say or it could just be a situation in general. In this case, it’s none of the above. This article is a compilation of pictures that will turn your stomach and, honestly, it’s everything you should want.

Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

A pie cut the wrong way
Imgur/Jimmies Rustles
Imgur/Jimmies Rustles

Even small children know how to cut circular desserts whether it be a pie or cake. Because of this, we know that whoever cut a slice directly out of the middle did it on purpose to ruin the pie for everyone else. We suggest this person is found and banned from the next party.