People Who Made Sweet, Sweet Artwork Out Of The Extraness That Is Their Life

We don’t always have a way of recognizing people being extra. To some people, being extra is just the way they live their life. As much as we like to criticize it, people find a way to get innovative and express themselves in ways we can only dream.

These folks are a special kind of extra. You earn that label when you make a prom dress only a 10-year-old could appreciate as they worry about catching your cooties. Let’s hope people’s imaginations are as good as their art skills.

Italian Camouflage

Photo Credit: totalinfonet/Reddit
Photo Credit: totalinfonet/Reddit

His culture is not your prom dress. He’s either embracing his true-self or his love for pasta noodles. He’s come a long way since eating mom’s spaghetti.

Then again, this is what happens when you eat pasta for a week straight. You evolve into a form of rotini, fusilli, and linguine.