Pictures that Are So Confusing Sudoku Is Jealous

Wouldn’t it be great if everything about life was laid out perfectly? You’d walk outside of your house and every step and event that happens to you that day just makes sense? Well, unfortunately for us, that’s just not the case.

Putting one foot in front of the other is harder than anyone ever told us in high school. No decision we make is easy. In fact, they’re all really confusing and conflicting. I probably don’t have to remind you of this, but in case I do, here are some pictures that prove just how confusing life can be.

Extra Mayonnaise, Please

I don’t know about you, but I think that mayonnaise is the most underrated condiment.

Photo Credit: Reddit / FloodsVFX
Photo Credit: Reddit / FloodsVFX

For some reason, it has a negative stigma attached to it that just clouds its mass appeal. There’s no reason for mustard being more popular. Mustard tastes like the what I imagine the inside of a rotten peach with yellow food coloring would be like.

This Combination Is, Uh, Interesting

I know what you’re thinking. “I like bacon and I like Oreos, so I’ll probably enjoy this.’ NO, don’t go to the light. Fight it.

Photo Credit: Reddit / TioGNL
Photo Credit: Reddit / TioGNL

This is one of the worst food combinations in the history of food combinations. This could be worse than people deciding that pineapple was completely okay being on pizza.

This Haircut Should Be A Felony

I don’t know what this person was going for with their haircut, but this is just not okay.

Photo Credit: Reddit / nudybranch
Photo Credit: Reddit / nudybranch

If there’s an “I think this person might be a serial killer and also probably dips their apples in Ketchup” haircut, it’s this one. Be very cautious around people who have HARD bowl cuts like this. Coming up, a picture that shows exactly what snitches do when they all gather together.


This Is Actually A Positive Thing

I hope that this kid saw this as a positive thing. While all of his friends are wearing the Yeezys and looking the exact same, he’s getting more bang for his buck.

He doesn’t just get to wear the Yeezys — he gets to BE the Yeezys. He is now a walking and talking Yeezy which is way cooler than the shoes themselves. This is a blessing in disguise.

RIP In Peace

If someone decided to do this to me, you can bet your bottom dollar that I would have booked the first red-eye space shuttle to Mars.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Slam123456
Photo Credit: Reddit / Slam123456

If I walk into a room and see what looks like the girl from The Grudge behind my curtain, I’m selling the house for one-quarter of what it’s worth with no remorse.

These Are A Bunch Of Randals

If you’ve seen the show Recess, you know that Randal is the schoolyard snitch who makes sure that if he’s not having fun, you’re not either.

This picture is exactly what happens when you have a group of Randals gather together to ruin someone’s life. They’re the worst. Just ahead, a superhero you’ve never heard of and probably never want to.

This Is The First Sign That The Night Is Over

Let’s be thankful for saints like this girl. This is the definition of not giving a crap what anyone thinks of you.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @martynhett
Photo Credit: Twitter / @martynhett

After having to dance around in stilts, I mean heels, for an entire night, these fast food bags feel like clouds. Anything is better than wearing heels.

This Is Mom Goals

I don’t know about you, but in my humble opinion, this is exactly what you want in a mom.

She’s a role model to her children to chase after what you want in life and never let anyone tell you different. She wanted a glass of wine, so she got a glass of wine. Security has tried to kick her out four times already to no avail.

Mr. Elastic Arm

It looks like we’ve found ourselves a new superhero. This man has elastic arms but has a below average physique everywhere else.

This works in his favor big time. Everyone underestimates this man until he stretches his arm 50 feet and slaps you in the face. It’s humiliating. Coming up, a mom really screws up her daughter’s hairstyle, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

A Bathroom Only For Memes?

Sometimes things get lost in translation, but I don’t think that this falls into that category.

This bathroom is specifically for people who identify as a meme. In 2018, you can identify as whatever you want, and if you want to be a meme, then you can be a meme.

This Is A NO From Me

I understand that the bee population is quickly dropping, but if I find this on my car you had better bee-lieve that I will be setting it on fire.

Photo Credit: Reddit / slyth3r1n
Photo Credit: Reddit / slyth3r1n

There will be gasoline and matches involved and if the bees happen to go up in smoke because of the collateral damage then so bee it.

It’s All A Matter Of Perspective

Why be the same when you can stand out? This mom is under the assumption that all attention is good attention.

While all of the other girls came to the photo shoot wearing the same hairstyle, this little girl was the star of the show with her half-ponytail thing. It may not be the most visually pleasing, but it did the trick. Has your teacher ever challenged you to a lightsaber duel? Just wait until you see this picture just ahead.

The Most Potent Queso Dip

I know that people say ignorance is bliss, but in this case, it’s just not. Although the yellow paint looks like perfect queso nacho dip, the chemicals in the ingredients of the paint tell us otherwise.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

This might go down in history as the most dangerous nacho dip of all time. It’d be perfect for serving at a party if you have a lot of people you hate attending.

The Same, Same, But Different

This little girl isn’t starting her life off on the right foot. Getting mistaken for a crisp lasagna isn’t always the best comparison, but we have to give it to this person that it is original.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

With that being said, it’s not the worst food to look like. I would argue that a beef stew or even a mushroom soup would be more devastating blows.

The Forgotten Jedi

We need more cool teachers like this. Physics is a fairly dull subject to teach to high school kids because most of them don’t care.

This teacher keeps them on their toes by just breaking out into a lightsaber battle with his wife. This is the definition of couple goals. If you’re going to be creepy, make sure you turn off the flash on your camera, unlike this girl coming up who paid a harsh price.

It’s About To Be A Soggy Day

This is reason #1438 why you just shouldn’t have kids. While this heat might feel good for your stiff neck, it certainly isn’t a good look.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Spodiz
Photo Credit: Reddit / Spodiz

It’s moments like this that I wish I was still a baby. Imagine being able to just let loose on the person who is holding you on their shoulders? That’s a dream.

Someone Forgot Their Morning Coffee

Some of us just can’t function unless we have our morning coffee. Our brain just doesn’t turn on and we end up doing careless, dumb things.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Nole_in_ATX
Photo Credit: Reddit / Nole_in_ATX

Although this woman is going to get a coffee, it’s a little bit too late. She has her underwear basically glued to the back of her sweater. Our thoughts are with you, girl.

There’s No Recovering From That

This is happening all too often. If you’re going to take a creeper picture of someone you don’t know, you NEED to make sure that the flash is off.

There is no way you can recover from the embarrassment of having the flash directed towards a stranger. This girl would’ve needed to leave that room immediately and hide in a closet for at least five days.

This Is A Nightmare

Have you ever been so desperate to go to the bathroom that you just stomp into the closest stall no matter what gender it’s tailored too?

Well, this is what happens when it backfires. There’s NO WAY this guy can walk out of this stall until all of these people are gone. That’d be a new low.

Okay, No, THIS Is A Nightmare

We all had those dolls when we were younger which would probably send us into the psych ward now if we saw them.

This one makes Chuckie look like the cutest little clown-thing on the planet. I think I’ll pass up on the purchase of this thing.