Simple But Surprising Realizations That Completely Changed The Way We Feel About The World

You know that feeling when you’re just spacing out in the shower, letting the warm water fall on your face when suddenly, you’re struck with an idea. You realize something about the state of the world that you hadn’t realized before.

These are all of the very best realizations from a subreddit known to us as /r/Showerthoughts. Our brains come up with the coolest stuff when we’re wet and isolated from everybody else. Keep reading for true, intuitive facts you’ve never really thought about before. Open your eyes. The world will never be the same.

What Is Lurking Beyond?


Photo Credit: Canadaba11 / Reddit & Arterra/UIG via Getty Images

This is a pretty excellent metaphor for anxiety. Anyone who plays first-person shooter games would know that sinking feeling.

Imagine having combat music in your head all the time. It’s like, “I know I should be worried about something, but what is it!”