These Disasters Otherwise Known As Eyebrows Have Us Questioning Everything

Whether you overplucked, overdrew, or shaved them off completely, we’ve all done some terrible things to our eyebrows. Eyebrows can be super tricky. Even the most experienced makeup artists have trouble with them every now and then.

Do yourself a favor and get your brows professionally shaped. Put the tweezers down. Step away from the tweezers. Keep reading to see some eyebrow disasters that will make you feel better about how you used to look before you discovered brow gel.

A Little High, Don’t You Think?

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

If your eyebrows are halfway between your eyeballs and your hairline, you’re probably doing something wrong. How about you move those puppies down a peg (or two, or five)?

Also, try not making them so… blocky. Light strokes are your friends. Check out YouTube, which is full of tutorials on how to create the perfect, natural-looking brows. Although it looks like this woman could use help in some other departments too, bless her heart.