The Juiciest And Most Savage Fast Food Feuds

For the last several years, fast food feuds have kept people on the edge of their seats with Twitter beef, sign wars, and one-upping campaigns. Some rivalries, such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s, are well known and ongoing, while others faded away after their fifteen minutes of flat top fame. Fast food companies have parodied Starbucks and McDonald’s, stolen competitor’s discount tokens, and engaged in a thrilling love story through their storefront signs. Learn about fast feuds you didn’t see on Twitter and companies you didn’t even know were feuding. Which of these sass battles will make you laugh the most?

Swedish Burger King Parodies McDonald’s Big Mac

not big mac menu swedish burger king parodying mcdonalds
Reddit / u/arif0080
Reddit / u/arif0080

In Europe, McDonald’s was shocked when they lost the trademark for their Big Mac sandwiches after suing the Irish chain Supermac’s. To add salt to the wound, Burger King in Sweden swooped in for the chance to change their burger names to McDonald’s parody names.

The menu “Not Big Mac’s” features options such as “Kind Of Like A Big Mac, But Juicier And Tastier,” “Like A Big Mac, But Actually Big,” “Anything But A Big Mac” and “Burger Big Mac Wished It Was.” CEO of Burger King’s Swedish operation told The Guardian, “it’s too much fun for us to stay away.”