The Writing Was On The Wall For These People, But They’ve Obviously Forgot How To Read

The world is an unpredictable place, but I don’t need to tell you that. Not only is life an emotional rollercoaster, but there are also physical barriers that get thrown in your way unexpectedly as well.

It’s important to minimize the surprises and failures by being prepared for things you know will or might happen to you. When the writing is on the wall, you should at the very least take it into consideration. You may think that’s an obvious statement, but as you’re about to see, it’s anything but that.

…What Did You Expect?

Danger is right around the corner when you sign up to go white water rafting. If this picture tells you anything, it’s to not bring someone there on a first date.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

This guy is trying to save the girl he just met on Tinder and risking his own life while doing it. Yikes.

“That Was a Mistake”

I don’t know if this dog is aware of the bacterial threat that eating garbage can bring onto you, but he’s finding out now.

Every trashcan should have a warning sign that, uh, dogs can understand so that they don’t dive into it (literally and figuratively) head first. This is tragic.

This Day Could’ve Gone Better

This kid had the option of wearing a helmet before going onto this blown up playground and decided to differ the offer.

I’m not a doctor, but my guess is that he’s significantly regretting that decision right now. The writing was on the wall, dude. Coming up, a kid who didn’t listen when he was told not to carry all the food in one trip, and he paid a horrible price.

They’re Coming For Us

If this doesn’t sound the alarm bell for how much dogs are evolving, then I don’t know what will.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Solomon_Gunn
Photo Credit: Reddit / Solomon_Gunn

We should all be very afraid. We’re getting overrun by dogs who are becoming much smarter than us, and we’re pretending it’s not happening. RIP human race.

What Is Your Problem?

It shouldn’t take an instruction manual to know that you don’t dip pizza in ANYTHING but creamy garlic dipping sauce.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @will_ent
Photo Credit: Instagram / @will_ent

First of all, milk will make the pizza soggy and disgusting. With that, pizza is perfect as a standalone food and doesn’t need a sidekick to enhance its performance. This is blasphemy.

Back To Bed I Go

The chef said, “please don’t try to carry this all by yourself,” yet here we are. This should’ve been an obvious conclusion as to why you shouldn’t just do it all by yourself.

He rebounded well by just picking up some pieces and shoving them down his throat before the five-second rule was over. Just ahead, a grandfather who’s had enough of people who walk on sidewalks, so he finds a different path.

Get Out Of New York, Immediately

If this isn’t the writing on the wall that you need to a) leave that apartment, b) leave that city, c) leave that state and d) leave this planet, I don’t know what is.

If rats are starting to crawl through my sink, I’m OUT immediately. I’ll be taking the first red-eye to Mars.

You’re More Bilingual Than You Thought

For everyone who doesn’t think that they’re bilingual, you need to give yourself more credit.

If you immediately know what the bottom line said, congratulations! You can consider yourself a citizen of Mexico. If you can’t, well, I don’t know what to tell you. The writing is quite literally on the wall (or barricade) here.

Left Lane ONLY

Look, people who walk on the sidewalk are insane nowadays. If you’re riding one of these scooters or riding a bike, you’ll hear about it from the walkers to get off the sidewalk.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

This scooter rider has heard it one too many times and decided to take to the roads, and we can’t blame him even a bit. A guy who proves that the lower your pants sag, the cooler you are is coming up. You’ll want to miss him but don’t.


If you’re going to jump off of a bridge into the water, you might as well try to take out a boat as well.

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

Life is all about dragging people down the gutter with you. Leave no friend, co-worker, or boat behind when you’re in the mood to take a hard fall.

Snitches Get Stitches

Honestly, I’m just thankful that they blurred the face of the cow to protect its identity at least a little bit.

Thanks to this picture, the cow has not been able to have a normal life. It now is a loner that can’t be seen or associated with other cows. It’s really awful.

The More Your Pants Sag The Cooler You Are

Are the days over when the lower you sag your pants, the more “cool” you are? That’s a trend that sent a billion old people into cardiac arrest because they couldn’t understand it.

If you walk into your grandparent’s house sagging your jeans, or even worse, with pre-ripped jeans, then you better have the ambulance on speed dial. Coming up, a picture that proves there’s no better place to people-watch then on the NYC subway.

This Is An Innovative Way To Life Guard

I don’t know about you, but I’m very down to have lifeguards under the water. It’s a quicker and more efficient way to save lives.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Wupash
Photo Credit: Reddit / Wupash

I guarantee this idea would save more lives, and who is against saving more lives? My only addition would maybe be giving the lifeguard an oxygen tank.

This Is A Hard NOPE

I understand that the bee population is quickly dying and we should try to save them all, but this isn’t okay.

If I see a beehive in my car mirror, I’m buying a new car and dumping the old one with the hive into the nearest lake. Yes, the bees will die. I’m sorry, don’t yell at me.

You Don’t Catch This Pikachu, This Pikachu Catches You

If you’re ever wanting to feel better about your life, just go to the New York subway and you’ll instantly realize how normal you are.

Photo Credit: Reddit / sayan101
Photo Credit: Reddit / sayan101

I know (or hope) this isn’t a furry, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if it was? Everyone is dressing up as their favorite furry animal and then you show up as Pikachu? Is that only funny in my head? Okay, I’ll stop.

Do You Have A Second Piece?

Look, if a dog says they’re 21, then they’re 21. You have to think about it in dog years too — 21 is technically only three-years-old in human birthdays.

There’s going to be a serious issue if this pup gets second pieced. Just give him some beer to celebrate the hard week of eating, sleeping, and pooping.

School Will NEVER Close

It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, it seems that schools will just never close.

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

It could be a category five hurricane and the bus driver will be trucking through it to get us to our first class of the day. This picture is a perfect example of that.

Kill Two Birds With One Stream

While I may get some haters by saying this (if you aren’t a hater already) but I actually enjoy this idea.

Photo Credit: Reddit / GaoHAQ
Photo Credit: Reddit / GaoHAQ

I’m inherently lazy, so this is actually a great way to ensure that I wash my hands after I go to the washroom. If you hate me, don’t worry, the article is almost over.

Not All Clowns Are Bad

I think the writing is on the wall that girls just love clowns, right? This has got to be a commonly known fact.

Photo Credit: Reddit / GaoHAQ
Photo Credit: Reddit / GaoHAQ

I should rephrase that, all girls LOVE Ronald McDonald. I’m going out on a limb and saying that it’s because he has a lot of money, I hope.

There’s Always Someone Gunning For Your Job

Millennials have it harder than anyone else in the history of the workforce. Sure, workplace conditions have definitely improved, but there have never been so many people gunning for so few jobs.

Photo Credit: Imgur / anon120
Photo Credit: Imgur / anon120

Now our friends in the animal kingdom are trying to get a piece of the pie? I’m already trying to fight off our robot overlords. I don’t have time for these flippered fiends.