These Hidden Adult Jokes In Kids Movies Are The Reason We’re All A Little Messed Up Now

It’s become common for production companies to include funny jokes and secret Easter eggs in their movies. But many times in kids movies and tv shows, the Easter eggs and jokes aren’t meant for the kids. They’re meant to keep the adults that are watching entertained too.

That’s why most of these inappropriate jokes and Easter eggs from kids movies and tv shows went right over our heads when we were young. I seriously had no idea the Cars franchise was this naughty. These hidden jokes are guaranteed to make you question everything you thought you knew about your favorite children’s shows and movies.

What Are You Reading, Daffy?

Photo credit: DudeWithABaby / Imgur
Photo credit: DudeWithABaby / Imgur

Looney Tunes has always done a great job at being entertaining for kids and adults, but it looks like Daffy Duck prefers adult entertaining.

The animators could have drawn in any magazine. Duck Weekly, Reader’s Duckgest, Duckbook, but no, they went the naughty route and chose Playduck. It looks like Bugs doesn’t approve.