These Passive Aggressive Neighbors Remind Us What Life In The ‘Burbs Is Really Like

Not everyone ends up living next to the perfect neighbor. The people who left these notes ended up with the worst of the worst. But instead of packing up and moving, they decided to fight back in the most passive-aggressive way possible; with notes! Who doesn’t love waking up to a note on their door telling them how hard they’re making it for someone else to live? Whether their neighbor was up all night partying, or just leaving dog “presents” on the lawn, these are the funniest notes angry neighbors have left their tormentors.

How Much Christmas Is Too Much Christmas?

Christmas is special because it happens once a year. Families get together, exchange gifts, eat dinner, fight (probably), and sing Christmas songs together. It’s all fun until someone lets their holiday spirit last all year long like the person’s neighbor above.

Let’s be honest, if you were sitting at home getting ready for work in March and heard, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” (and every other song) you might smile once. For this neighbor, it happened every day, and they decided to put an end to it with a “polite” note.