These Passive Aggressive Neighbors Remind Us What Life In The ‘Burbs Is Really Like

Not everyone ends up living next to the perfect neighbor. The people who left these notes ended up with the worst of the worst. But instead of packing up and moving, they decided to fight back in the most passive-aggressive way possible; with notes! Who doesn’t love waking up to a note on their door telling them how hard they’re making it for someone else to live? Whether their neighbor was up all night partying, or just leaving dog “presents” on the lawn, these are the funniest notes angry neighbors have left their tormentors.

How Much Christmas Is Too Much Christmas?

Christmas is special because it happens once a year. Families get together, exchange gifts, eat dinner, fight (probably), and sing Christmas songs together. It’s all fun until someone lets their holiday spirit last all year long like the person’s neighbor above.

Let’s be honest, if you were sitting at home getting ready for work in March and heard, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” (and every other song) you might smile once. For this neighbor, it happened every day, and they decided to put an end to it with a “polite” note.

Are You A Dinosaur?

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment with an upstairs neighbor, then you know how annoying it is when they have heavy feet. You just want to sleep in on a Saturday morning, but they have to get up and clomp around their home for an hour for seemingly no reason.

Instead of pulling the classic “bang your broom” on the roof trick to get their attention, this person decided to take a different, more passive-aggressive approach. We hope the method worked and that it wasn’t really a dinosaur living upstairs!

When Neighbors Fight Back

This solved absolutely nothing. One neighbor clearly plays their music too loud, which their other neighbor would be okay with if the music was good. Unfortunately, they have really awful taste in music. Instead of talking through the issue like adults, the pair of neighbors got into a wi-fi name war.

We’re calling the winner of this fight the grammar-correcting, bad-music-loving neighbor. It’s not just that “You’re music is annoying” could have handled the situation better, they also had to firmly believe they were using “you’re” correctly. An apostrophe happens by choice, not accident!

Shots Fired!

This neighbor is tired of finding dog poop on their lawn and is ready to start a poop war! If the note is to be believed, this isn’t going to be the first war they’ve started either. They’re a grizzled veteran, ready for one last battle to claim victory.

It’s kind of shocking how often people don’t pick up after their pets. Make sure you have a bag and are willing to do the neighborly thing. The above note might seem passive-aggressive, but when you consider how bad the dog doo epidemic is, it’s really a reasonable response.

Video Games Make People Do Crazy Things

Here we have someone getting one step ahead of his neighbors. He knows he’s going to be aggressively loud for the foreseeable future and needs to make sure everyone understands why. If you’ve ever played a video game like Call of Duty, then you sympathize with this poor soul.

Video games bring out the worst in people. They don’t think it’s going to happen to them, then they turn into a monster screaming profanities and breaking dishes. At least this person has accepted this about himself, even if he’s unwilling to change.

It Was An Exorcism…

Exorcisms are scary things. There’s yelling, prayers are said, objects are thrown, and sometimes blood is even drawn. Knowing this we really hope it was only an exorcism happening a floor above this poor person. If not, their upstairs neighbors are doing a terrible job keeping their private lives… private.

We wonder how embarrassed the neighbors were when they got this note. While it doesn’t really say what’s happening upstairs, it’s pretty clear everyone knows and everyone is tired of listening to it.

Well, That Escalated Quickly

First of all, it’s shocking there are people in this world who still get the newspaper. It’s even more shocking that there are still people in the world who steal it from the neighbor’s lawn. Haven’t these people ever heard of the internet?

Anyways, this person’s plan to shame their neighbor into not stealing their newspaper backfired gloriously. Not only did they not solve their problem, they were presented with a problem of their own. Perhaps some anger management courses are in order?

Your Photo Here

This is one way to solve the neighborhood dog poop problem. When in doubt, take a picture and shame the person too lazy to pick up after their pooch. In this case, the attack seems targeted though, so this person might start walking their dog in the middle of the night to avoid detection.

Now, if the homeowner had a trail camera, ready to take a picture at the moment anything moves in front of it, that would be impressive. There would be no hope for the poopetrator to continue getting away with their most odious crime.

Fighting Fire With Fire

“Treat others as you would have them do to you” is a saying you’ve heard countless times as a child. Unfortunately, the person who thought it was okay to pull someone’s laundry out mid-wash to do their own must have missed that life lesson.

Thankfully, the person who was wronged took it upon themselves to teach this evildoer a harsh lesson. Even better, they’re ready for a bigger fight if that’s where this argument leads. Just head upstairs and knock on 301 to see what might happen!

A Song To Get The Message Across

Here’s another person with a loud upstairs neighbor. Good thing they have the perfect solution! They say music soothes even the most savage beast, so maybe this parody of “Every Breathe You Take” by The Police will make their loud neighbor problems go away!

We have to ask; is the upstairs neighbor wearing really heavy boots? Or do they just never take their shoes off when they’re home to begin with? We don’t really know how anyone can be comfortable in their home wearing shoes. And of course, bare feet are much quieter than anything else.

An Elephant Lives Upstairs?

Loud neighbors are apparently the new skinny jeans. They show up in the worst places at the worst times. There’s no way the person upstairs really owns a pet elephant. And if they do, there is NO way it knows how to bowl.

If the person living upstairs is being that obnoxiously loud, though, then this note is more than warranted. It’s amazing how quickly people forget they are not alone in the world, or even their apartment complex when they get home from work after a long day.

Paddling Pool Of Doom

Never be the person who gets between a parent and their child’s education. This parent bought a paddling pool to help teach their little tyke to swim, but alas, someone decided to be a jerk and steal the package from their doorstep.

To be fair, paddling pool’s aren’t the most expensive investment in the world, but having to wait another week or more for a second one to arrive is just annoying. We don’t know if we would wish doom on the pool thief, but we wouldn’t wish them luck in their future endeavors!

We All Know That Dog

Dogs love to bark. Some love barking more than eating. They bark so much their owners have stopped trying to quiet them. This person has had enough and reminded their neighbor what needs to be done. We bet that’s permanent ink!

Look, we all love dogs. They’re always happy and looking for a good belly rub. They can also be relentlessly loud when left alone, though. Please know what kind of dog you own before you leave for work or school in the morning. Plenty of doggy day-cares have live video feeds these days.

Lawn Wars, Anyone?

We’re not sure why the cops were called, or what littering a lawn full of pink flamingos accomplishes, but it is a sight to behold. Did this person put the sign and flamingos on their lawn or the lawn of the neighbor they think ratted them out to the police?

More importantly, was it worth spending a few hundred dollars on pink flamingos just to start a lawn war with neighbors? For this person it was. We’d personally spend that money on more practical things.

That’s One Easily Creeped Out Neighbor

Does anyone want a creepy looking van parked outside their house every night? We didn’t think so. It’s understandable then, that this person would ask their neighbor to park their vehicle in front of someone else’s house.

easily creeped out neighbor

If nothing else, at least the person is being honest. We know there’s a purpose to creepy vans aside from being creepy. Transporting cargo comes to mind. Still, it doesn’t change the fact these fans tend to give people goosebumps and Halloween is only supposed to happen once a year.

Where’d The Wi-Fi Go?

A concerned neighbor! This is new for our list. He was just so used to stealing wi-fi he’s confused why he can’t do it anymore. The neighbor must have moved. Or worse! In reality, they most likely caught onto his scheme and cut him off.

It’s a bold move by Nick to make his concerns of no longer receiving free wi-fi known. He must not know that nobody likes a mooch. Get a job and pay for your own wi-fi, Nick!

What’s the Opposite of the Performance of a Lifetime?

This person really got what was coming to them. If they wanted to start a late night concert that bleeds into the early morning for the entire neighborhood, then they needed to be able to handle the consequences. Having their entire set reviewed with less than stellar grades is more than what they deserved.

Surprisingly, there is one good grade in there; their performance of “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. Too bad that was 8:20 in the morning, after the neighborhood lost all their sleep and sanity.

New Neighbor, New Rules

This should have happened as the new neighbor was moving in, not after the old neighbor realized there was a problem. If sleeping in is that important, they should have said something. Then again, they probably didn’t think their neighbor would spend every night yelling.

What is the neighbor shouting? Are they getting into a fight with someone, or do they just like loud noises? We’ll never know, but hopefully they toned it down for the sake of their neighbor’s sanity. If the yelling was constant, we’d go crazy, too!

Oh, Evan, Not Again!

Evan has a problem; he hates wearing pants. We get it, Evan. Pants can get hot, but when company is coming over, you’re just going to have to be uncomfortable. Or you know, put on shorts for breath-ability. That seems like a pretty solid compromise to us.

How many times has Evan showed up walking around the house pantless in front of company to force the writing of this note? We really hope the guy was raised well enough to know the importance of pants. Probably not, though.

All About That Bass

We hope that person who got this note understands sarcasm. Otherwise, this note is backfiring and desperate measures will need to be taken. It takes a lot of bass to make an entire apartment complex shake. Having everyone in the building wake up at the same time probably helps.

There really is only one solution to the problem; the person just needs to turn down the volume when they enter the parking garage. Weren’t most people raised with the respect to do that anyway? We sure were!