These People Got Super Creative With Their Nintendo Wii Mii Avatars

Way back in 2006, the Nintendo Wii introduced us to Miis. They’re basic humanoid cartoon avatars. Miis are customizable, which is why they’re so cool. They were pretty much the best thing about the Wii. Wii bowling was cool, but so many people broke their TV sets playing that.

Miis never hurt anybody. These Miis are here to show us the Mii’s full potential. Miis can be anything or anyone. Keep reading to see some video game wizards who created Miis in their image— or somebody’s image.

A Mii About Nothing

Photo Credit: HaloEight_9113 / Reddit
Photo Credit: HaloEight_9113 / Reddit

This is absolutely perfect. Whoever made this deserve a thousand bowls of delicious soup.

What’s the deal with Miis? Why are they so good at cultural commentary? I like that George is sleeping on the couch. That such a George thing to do.