These People Prove That It Actually Pays Off To Be THAT Friend

Let’s be honest here. We all have that one friend who is annoying, extra, needy, aggressive, rude, and cynical, all meshed together. But we love them anyway. They’re the one who entertains us above all other things and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Without them, life would be boring and uninteresting. Even on the days when you want to karate chop them in the throat, you still find room in your heart to love them. These friends don’t get enough attention, and this article wants to change that. Without further ado, here’s THAT friend.

The Pets Over Humans Friend

cat cta.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @miinute

We all have that friend who is obsessed with animals to the point that it gets in the way of healthy relationships.

They end up using people to get to their pets. They’ll get into a full-blown relationship just to have alone time with their animals.

The Friend That Puts Their Cats In Box’s of Shame

cats cats.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

On the same page, we all have friends that give stupid punishments to their pets. Sorry Bruce, but this cat doesn’t understand that the box is supposed to be a punishment.

Also, cats are about to take over the world so if you think that putting them in a “box of shame” will stop them, you’re very wrong.

The Clumsy Friend


Photo Credit: Reddit / gusaaaaa

There’s that clumsy friend in every group who you can’t take out anywhere without an accident happening.

They can’t even watch a movie without spilling their entire dinner all over the place. This picture perfectly describes their everyday ritual of ruining everything. Coming up, a picture that perfectly describes your aggressive friend if they were a Girl Scout.

The Dedicated Picture Taker

in that friend.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

We all need that friend who is dedicated to making sure you get the best possible picture.

They’re the ones who don’t just take one photo. They take 600 in different angles and with different lighting. There need to be more people like this.

The Brazen Friend

kissing side chick.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / youtubegudiniz

Oh, the brazen friend. The one who will do anything at any time as long as it benefits them personally.

This guy has his girlfriend on his shoulders and is making out with a random while she can’t do anything about it. Brazen, but smart.

The Savage Friend

it's not empty.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / tegdirbm

There might not be anything worse than sitting down and doing your business only to find out that there’s no toilet paper left.

The savage friend is the one who will force you to walk downstairs with your pants down in order to get toilet paper. It’s the worst walk of shame.

The Aggressive Friend

girl scouts.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Flublubbb

When someone bumps into you at a bar and spills your fresh drink all over your new shirt, who are you going to call over to help? Easy, the aggressive friend.

They’re the one that will take things from 0-100 real quick. They’re the one who will karate chop anyone in the throat if you ask them to. If they were Girl Scouts, they’d kick down your door too. Coming up, a picture that you’ll relate to if you have a friend that NEVER sleeps.

The Friend Who Is Super Extra

chicken nugget.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / TinyResponsibility

That person who goes all out for every little situation, and is over the top at every moment of every day.

This is a promposal that is taken way too far, but it’s expected when it’s your “extra friend”. They’re the one who wears a tiara and a designer dress to a girls night in.

The, Uh, Random Friend


Photo Credit: Imgur

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we all have that friend who is so random and obnoxious, but we can’t stop loving them.

They’re the one who makes an absolute fool out of themselves and doesn’t care in the slightest. The idea of having a good reputation just doesn’t exist to them.

The Friend That Never Sleeps

the friend that never sleep s.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @SultanofAmerica

While I need at least eight hours a day to even begin to be a good person, some people can just stay up all night and brush it off.

They’re that friend at sleepovers who won’t let you fall asleep even though it’s five in the morning. Their energy levels are impeccable at all times and it’s baffling. Just ahead, that friend that thinks NOTHING through and always ends up in sticky situations.

The “Coffee Or Die” Friend

today will be a good day .jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Some of us just shouldn’t be in public before we have our morning coffee. There should be a law that prohibits people from actually talking to a coffee drinker before they’ve had their first cup.

If something goes wrong with their coffee then they might as well just go back to bed because they’re not going to be productive anyway.

The “What’s Sports?” Friend

watching the world cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

In a world that is basically driven by sports, there are still a select few who know nothing about it and couldn’t care less.

They fumble with the idea that football is two different sports depending on where you’re from. Everything is categorized into one name, SPORTS.

The Friend That Thinks Nothing Through

doesnt think.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Oh man, we ALL have that friend that thinks nothing through and always ends up in really awkward situations.

This painter is a perfect example of this. He literally painted himself into a corner and is now stuck in a sticky situation (perhaps literally). Coming up, the friend that tries to flex the money they don’t have on social media and it’s embarrassing.

The Guy Who Is Chronically Trapped In The Friendzone


Photo Credit; Twitter

The friend zone is a really hard place to get out of. It’s an uphill battle that takes a lot of hard work and dedication to pull through successfully.

This guy was putting in the work, but he obviously didn’t get the result he was looking for. Our thoughts and prayer are with you, dude.

The Party Animal

graduation (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram

Ah, what would we do without our party animal? They’re the one who brings the entertainment at all times.

Not only do they like being considered the life of the party, but they basically put it on their resume they’re so proud of it.

The Social Media Booster

Finally Whipping (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @will_ent

While we’re all a little bit addicted to social media and making sure people think we’re cooler than we actually are, there’s that friend that takes it too far.

They’re willing to lie and deceive in order to make their peers think that they live this lavish lifestyle. They have no problem posing in front of a Lambo with the caption, “new wheels” even though they’re actually driving a 1999 Honda Civic. Just ahead, the friend that bakes EVERYTHING no matter where they are.

The Friend That’s Happy To Watch The World Burn

so did make this.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram

Call it depression, call it maliciousness, call it cynicism, this friend has it all. Their sole purpose is to bring everyone surrounding them down to their level.

This little nephew is well on his way to becoming this friend. Ripping off all of the wrappings so that no one knows what they’re opening is the first step to becoming THAT friend.

The “Cake Face”

suplexed my girlfriend.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @will_ent

The one girl who, for whatever reason, decides that she needs to apply WAY too much makeup.

They’re the one who will never be seen in public au natural and, in fact, you probably wouldn’t even recognize if they did.

The Baker Friend

cookies cookies.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @will_ent

Ah, perhaps the best friend to keep around. The one who is in love with baking (for some reason) and is constantly bringing over fresh goodies unexpectedly.

They’ve probably already started their own baking Instagram page that shows all of their talents in the kitchen. Sometimes they don’t even need a kitchen.

The Drunk Texter

driving again.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

The classic drunk texter of the group who wakes up and deletes their convos before they look at them out of sheer embarrassment.

As soon as those tequila shots hit, you can rest assured that every ex they’ve ever had will be getting texted. If they don’t have an ex to text, the Uber driver will do just fine.