These People Took One Too Many ‘Extra Pills’ And Now They Can’t Recover

Where would the entertainment in our lives come from if not for our friends who take being “extra” to an entirely different level? They’re the friends that overexaggerate every story, the ones that NEED to be the center of attention no matter what.

They go out of their way to be loud, both vocally and with their demeanor. While the extraness can be annoying, it’s also genuinely entertaining to observe. If you don’t believe me, just take a look.

A Friendship Six Years In The Making

It takes a certain type of person to wait six years to execute a joke. I don’t even think the word “extra” begins to describe what’s happening here.

Photo Credit: Reddit / gauci5800
Photo Credit: Reddit / gauci5800

With that being said, I think it’s an absolutely hilarious joke that probably sent Brian Worst into a spiral of confusion and regret for accepting that friend request.

“I Am Dead”

We all know that one person who has a slight cough for a day and immediately thinks they have stage four lung cancer.

This mom isn’t taking any chances in regards to her chills and it’s hard to blame her considering she gets a nice comfy ride to the hospital.

Bringing Life Jackets Into Style

I don’t know what A$AP Rocky was thinking with this, but he’s absolutely prepared if he happens to fall overboard on a ship anytime soon.

That vest is probably the most expensive life jacket known to mankind. That thing is so inflated that there’s no way he’s sinking when he’s looking like an overpriced pool floatie. Coming up, if you didn’t think there’s such thing as an extra wedding dress, just wait.

Willing To Do Literally Anything For The Gram

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that young people are willing to do anything for a good picture.

In this case, the girl summoned her grandfather who probably hasn’t even seen an iPhone, and turned him into Vogue photographer in a matter of minutes. The lengths and limits do not exist for a good Instagram picture.

When You’re The Black Sheep Of The Family

There’s always one. The kid who has different hobbies than everyone else in the family. The one who is over six feet tall while both parents are shorter than 5’7.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

In this case, the black sheep has an, uh, interesting style sense. While grandma is sporting a bonnet, her grandson is in full S&M black leather. I do happen to see the differences in hobbies here.

Is There Such Thing As Being TOO Extra At Your Wedding?

If you are ever wondering if there’s a way for a bride to be EXTRA at her own wedding, this picture should quickly answer that.

If you walk to the altar with these wings as if you’re some angel sent from heaven, I think you’ve gone a little bit off the narcissistic path. To each their own, I guess. Coming up, a picture that proves friendships based around being extra are the best kind of friendships.

Shooters Shoot, I Guess?

Hey, if you’re down on your luck and the only option is to do something desperate, you might as well try to cash in billions.

This idea of an underwater restaurant is something that should be explored with this guy’s expertise. He looks like he has some seriously intelligent opinions to offer.

Don’t Mess With A Coffee Drinker

There should be a law that prohibits people to not be able to converse with each other until they’ve both dived into their morning coffees.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Hope246
Photo Credit: Reddit / Hope246

No one is themselves before they have their cup of Joe. A bad coffee can ruin an entire day, week, or month.

Friendships That Are Based On Being Extra >

Some friendships are literally just based around the extraness of you both. Like in this case, this friend is willing to risk getting attacked by scary land insects just to get a picture of her friend.

These are the ride-or-die friends that we need more of in this world. Loyalty is going out the door and quickly dying. Coming up, the way that people who are supremely extra kill their boredom. It’s confusing.

It’s Called Organized Chaos

Men will have the dirtiest room in the world. It’ll look like an episode of Hoarders will need to be shot there, but they’ll know where everything is.

If you ask where that Sharpie went that they used to write their name in a graduation yearbook four years prior, they’ll be able to tell you exactly where it is. By the way, it’s behind the box of term papers, on top of the lamp that’s right beside the rat’s nest adjacent to the bookshelf.

This Is Mom Goals

I don’t know about you, but this mom is everything I aspire to be. She’s way past the point of caring what anyone thinks of her, and it’s inspiring.

I guess I just wish she was a little bit more classy and decided to drink the bottle of wine straight from the bottle.

There’s Being Bored, And Then There’s…

There are many things that we do to cure our boredom. Like binge-watching Netflix to creeping our friend’s cousin’s little brother’s girlfriend on Instagram.

One of the underrated activities to take part in is building up your own burger through tabs on Google. It’s, well, exhilarating to say the least. Coming up, a teacher made her son dress up like a really bad version of a movie character and now I can’t unsee it.

“I’m Always Watching”

Teachers are incredibly sneaky. Everything they do is calculated to get insight into how much trust she can have in her class.

They’ll have no problem bugging the room with cameras and microphones before the class arrives, leave, and then listen in. Going into the ceiling is an entirely new level that’s very respectable.

Who Needs An iPhone When You Have Vinyl?

It’s actually insane how much we rely on music to help us focus through difficult tests and studying.

You feel figuratively naked when you don’t have headphones in. The no cell phone rule is becoming popular, so this kid found a loophole that we should all take into consideration for our next test.

It’s… It’s Godzilla

I guess I’m just a little bit disappointed that Godzilla isn’t more intimidating in real life. I went through my childhood thinking it was the scariest creature in the world.

It turns out that it’s actually just a teacher’s son on spring break who is shorter than most humans. This is why we have trust issues. Coming up, the lengths some girls take just to sneak food into the movie theatre. It’s inspiring.

Nonetheless, It Sounds Like A Good Time

If you want to be surrounded by extra, just stroll down to California during the Coachella Music Festival.

Not only are the pictures and captions incredibly extra, but the outfits are so bizarre that they’ll surely make you think you’re in an alternate universe.

Smarter: Final Answer

It seems that people who are inherently lazy are also the ones who are the most creative.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @millselle
Photo Credit: Twitter / @millselle

They look for ways to make even the simplest tasks more efficient in order to ensure that they can save their energy. This is just incredibly smart.

The Classic, Uh, Fake Pregnancy?

I don’t blame these girls for wanting to sneak food into the movie theatre. It costs more than an arm and a leg just to get a small popcorn at the food booth.

These girls were willing to pretend they’re pregnant just to sneak in some food so that they don’t have to re-mortgage their house for some buttery popcorn.

Do What You Want, And Do It Well

Look, we all have our own hobbies that we like to do. Some of us play baseball, others play football. Some paint while others do ballet.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

This grandma likes to take pictures with tall people in random places, and we’re all for it. Do what you want to do, but do it well.

On That College Budget

When you’re eating a strand of hair for dinner because you can’t afford to eat actual food, that extra 14 cents is incredibly important.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

14 cents can buy you almost three little candies from the corner store. It can buy you almost half of a gumball from the candy machine. That’s big money.