These Pictures Have Us Refreshingly Confused About The Human Race

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the human race is incredibly confusing. All seven billion of us are genetically different, have different interests, hobbies, and even some different body parts.

With that, people’s intelligence is scattered on a spectrum along with their sense of humor. While some people got lucky and were blessed with book smarts and street smarts, many others weren’t blessed with any of them. That may be unfortunate for those people, but we’re kind of thankful for it because it gives us endless amounts of entertainment.

So Many Questions To Ask

Feet are already disgusting, but if feet looked like they do in this picture on a regular basis, they would be vomit worthy.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

But, to answer the question, no you aren’t the only one whose charger looks like that. By about day two of having a charger the wires start to fray, and you risk getting electrocuted.

This Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

I don’t know about you, but if I saw this in real life, I would be taking the first space shuttle to Mars ASAP.

This girl looks like she’s halfway towards becoming the lead villain in the next X-Men movie and it’s severely uncomforting. Hopefully she checks out a makeup tutorial on YouTube next time.

“I Will Pay You”

Imagine wanting to sing so badly that you’re willing to pay someone 15 dollars an hour just to sit there?

I have a gut feeling that this guy’s singing may sound more like a pig’s mating call, but that’s just speculation. Coming up, the smartest way to sneak your flask into your prom without even hiding it.

Throw Your Phone Into A Volcano Immediately

If I get this picture sent to me from a random number, you can rest assured that my phone wouldn’t see the next hour.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @quailtea
Photo Credit: Twitter / @quailtea

I’d be booking my flight to the closest volcano and throwing it right into the heart of the lava with no regret. There’s no way that I would be risking getting stalked by this, uh, monster.

Starbucks Addicts Are A Different Breed

Starbucks addicts are insane. If the employees don’t get their “triple venti ugg boot black leggings pumpkin spice latte” just perfect, there’s going to be a major problem.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

Don’t even dare bring up the secret menu to someone who isn’t a “Starbies Queen” because only exclusive members can know about it.

Life’s About Finding The Loopholes

The key to happiness is finding the loopholes and exploiting them for your own personal benefit.

Sneaking alcohol into prom is a tough sell, but if you can pretend like it’s your purse, it might be so brazen that it actually works. Coming up, a picture of all the items a thief took from someone’s house and it’s the most confusing thing you’ll see all day.

No, No We Don’t

No, we literally don’t have a clue what’s going on right now. There’s never a good reason to have a loaf of bread in a shower, not one.

Why do you have sunglasses on? Why is your hood up? There are so many questions that need to be answered.

Get Ready For Lift Off

Flying, in general, can make even the most badass person feel anxious. You lose all sense of control and your life is in the hands of a pilot you’ve never seen or met.

Being on a chat and talking to the ‘pilot’ would be a little uneasy, to say the least. Sir, can you kindly start doing your job so we don’t all die?

The, Uh, Toilet Thief?

Imagine walking into your house, and realize you’ve been broken into, and the only thing they stole was the toilet?

That would be both relieving and confusing all balled up into one. What burglar enters a house with a toilet in mind? A weird one, I guess. Coming up, a tattoo that’s very questionable, but certainly has substance.

Is His Leg Broken?

I know this picture is making fun of the fact that the sun is behind him so how could it be in his eyes, but the real question is regarding his leg.

Is it just me or does it look like he just snapped it in half and now it’s hanging from a thread? That’d make sense with his half-crying facial expression.

Not Exactly, But Try It

I mean, being an eye-wash station isn’t necessarily a urinals number one job, but I’m sure that it could manage the task if need be.

Photo Credit: Reddit / ohsureyoudo
Photo Credit: Reddit / ohsureyoudo

I’m not exactly sure how someone would go about washing chemicals out of their eyes with it, but it doesn’t seem all that unrealistic I suppose.

Living The Best Mayonnaise Life

This is just another win for mayonnaise in its fight for condiment dominance. It’s by far the best sauce to put on virtually anything.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

It’s slowly knocking out mustard which is hands-down the worst condiment on the planet. It takes like smelly feet with yellow food coloring. Coming up, find out what a fish and an atm machine have in common. Hint: Not much.

These People Are Serial Killers

If you’re wondering what the tell-tale sign of a serial killer is, look no further than this picture.

Anyone who eats chocolate bars without splitting it into their respective sections, or bites Hubba Bubba down the middle is officially no friend of mine and should be in jail with no questions asked.

Emotional Support Hamster

For many of us, our dogs and cats help up get through emotional moments in our lives.

But, for some people, they prefer other animals that are less popular. For example, this guy uses his pet hamster as a pocket-sized emotional support system. I don’t see a problem here whatsoever

This Is Just Utterly Confusing

If you walked up to an ATM machine and it had a fish taped to the screen, what would you do?

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

The answer is fairly obvious. You take that fish and fry it up for dinner, and then take out money afterward. Never pass up on a free fish. That’s what Jesus said in the Bible, I think. Coming up, a picture that you thought you would only see in video games came true in real life. It’s astonishing.

An Interesting Set Up To Say The Least

I don’t know what the designer of this room layout was thinking, but I kind of like it. It keeps bathroom visits VERY short.

Many times students will use going to the bathroom as an excuse to do other things or waste 15 minutes of class. I guarantee you they wouldn’t do that in this setup.

My Brain Hurts

If you have to read this over three or four times to fully comprehend what’s going on, you’re not alone.

There’s nothing more frustrating than someone who thinks they’re a grammar god, but really they have the knowledge of a fourth grader.

What Grand Theft Auto Stuff Is This?

I don’t know what cheat codes this person used to get that much height in their car, but if they could share them, that’d be appreciated.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Destos
Photo Credit: Reddit / Destos

I literally cannot think of a way that this could’ve happened other than the car launching off of a massive ramp like Evil Kenevil.

Not So Smart Car

Can we just talk about Smart cars for a second? I would feel about as vulnerable in one of those as I would on a motorcycle.

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

I feel like if a Smart car got into an accident with a person on a pedal bike, the petal bike would win. Therefore, Smart cars are not a wise investment.

It’s A Silent ‘E’

Have you ever been asked a question and just blurted out an answer without really thinking it through?

Well, we all have. But unfortunately for Jace, he can’t have that excuse because he’s ON A COMPUTER. Jace, you literally have to press the ‘e’ on the keyboard man.