These Pictures Will Have You Frantically Dialing 911 Begging For Some Answers

While some things are better left unsaid and unsolved, ignorance isn’t always bliss. There’s something to be said about getting the right answers to your questions. Getting closure is an underrated part of life.

That’s why we’ve been on the phone with 911 all day trying to get answers to these bizarre pictures. If they don’t have them, then I don’t know where we’re going to find them because these pictures warrant some sort of context or closure. Please enjoy these with caution.

Move Over Oreos

There is no one in the history of pizza that thinks this is a good way to eat it. The only people who would even attempt to try this are the ones who also put pineapple on their pizza.

I don’t know who invented pizza, but they certainly didn’t intend fruit to ever be cooked on it. Gross.

We Need Answers

Why has fashion in the 21st century taken such a weird turn? I mean, yeah, the 80s were weird and all, but not even then would it be okay to wear these shorts.

Photo Credit: Reddit / akikashi
Photo Credit: Reddit / akikashi

People are wearing items that they know don’t look good, but are daring people to say it to their face so they can be confrontational.

Let The Fish Live, Man

Hey, who are you to judge this goldfish for wanting to shack up in a urinal? One fish’s garbage is another fish’s treasure, or something like that.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

It’s your responsibility as a human being to live and let live. That means not doing your business in the corner urinal and letting this fish live its best life. Coming up, a caution sign that’ll have you hoping for a hard fall really soon.

A Quick Drive-By Birth

It’s not even Easter and this bird is laying eggs all over the place. I guess if they’re laid at the same time, that makes them twins right?

Photo Credit: Reddit / theofanhs
Photo Credit: Reddit / theofanhs

I feel really sorry for the shrimpy twin who is one-tenth the size of its sibling. That little guy is going to have an uphill battle its whole life. Safe to say that it’s the ugly and unathletic twin. The worst.

The First Sign Of The Serial Killer

There aren’t many signs that someone is 100% going to kill someone at some point in their life, but this is one of them.

No one who is in the right mental state will look at cookie dough like this and bite it like it’s some kind of chocolate bar. Call the police if you see this.

If You’re Going To Go Down, Go Down With Jazz Hands

This sign is very important and has some underlying life lessons sprinkled in it. If you’re going to fall down, fall hard with grace and passion.

If you’re going to fail at something, at least do it with a smile on your face and with jazz hands twirling in the air. Just ahead, another day, another lazy person who creatively gets through their day, and it’s hilarious.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

If you’re going to get banned from something, it’s important to find the loopholes that allow you to see the game. This is just brilliant.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

In a more general sense, the key to happiness is finding life’s little loopholes and being able to exploit them by any means necessary.

Getting Your Priorities Straight

I don’t know who this girl thinks she is assuming that she’s what we’ve been waiting for. She’s not Shrek 5 and she’s also not a chocolate bar with a mayonnaise filling.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

Everyone loves chocolate and loves mayonnaise, so WHY has no one put the two together yet? This is troubling to think about. There’s a lot of money to be made.

When You’re Inherently Lazy…

When you’re inherently lazy, you’d be surprised how efficient and creative your thought process actually is.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

You’ll do ANYTHING in order to save some energy. Normal people see these horizontal escalators as convenient, but not us lazy people. It can be even more convenient, which is shown in this picture. What do carrots and goldfish have in common other than being boring to stare at? That’s just ahead.

Only Packing The Essentials

When you’re about to go on vacation for a week, it’s important that you only pack the essentials.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

While many people think of underwear, shirts, shorts, etc, this person went straight for the Chips Ahoy! cookies. Studies show that you can live off of cookies for an entire week. I don’t know what studies in particular, but obviously, this person read the same ones.

Get Attention In Anyway Possible

When you’re already 25 years into a relationship, attention can be hard to come by, Desperate times call for desperate measures.

If it takes faking the fact that your house is on fire to get your hubby to rescue you, then that’s what you have to do.

Same, Same But Different

This might be an unpopular opinion, but carrots have more use to humans than goldfish.

You’re actually doing yourself a favor by putting carrots into the fish tank. What do goldfish do other than stay in one place looking at the wall? Nothing. They do nothing. Coming up, an aunt whose ignorance is about to bite her in the butt, literally.

A Literal Mug Shot

We all need to learn to laugh at the negative stuff that happens in our lives. I’m sure that this mug shot wasn’t the highlight of his life, but they made a joke out of it.

I think that everyone after leaving jail should get a mug with their mug shot on it. That would make getting out of jail so much more exciting.

End The Stigma

Can you imagine being in a family that celebrates events that usually get pushed under the rug?

Photo Credit: Twitter / @autmn1shea
Photo Credit: Twitter / @autmn1shea

I bet this family has a cake for when their kids get their first suspension from school or get their first parking ticket. Open conversation is very key.

“It Killed All Of Our Cats”

I hope this aunt realized shortly after this coyote killed all three of her cats and, uh, ripped their heads off.

I’m not sure about the potential for coyotes to be domestic animals, but I do know that they have no problem ripping them apart for dinner. Coming up, a food combination that competes with pineapple on pizza and it’s really ambitious.

It’s Mr. Steal Yo Girl

I don’t know whether it’s a good thing that this guy’s grandpa has superhuman strength and could potentially steal his girl.

Your grandparents are supposed to be the safest bet for NOT attracting your girlfriend or boyfriend. But, I’m just not sure about this one.

When Life Throws You Curveballs

This dad is ready for all of the curveballs that this little baby is going to be throwing into their life in a few short minutes.

Having kids drastically changes the direction of your life. Your social life completely evaporates, and is replaced with changing diapers. Not a great trade-off in my opinion.

Ambitious Is An Understatement

While this may be a bit of a stretch in terms of food combinations, you have to respect the ambition here.

Just as I mentioned in this article previously, nothing is more ambitious than putting pineapple on pizza, yet somehow it’s still a thing. Pop Tarts and ravioli could work.

The Black Sheep Of The Family

It seems that every family has a black sheep that is insanely different from the rest in terms of their interests and looks.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Lejilie
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Lejilie

This pictures perfectly shows how much a black sheep can stand out in the family dynamic. Kudos to this kid for being their true, clownish self.

Back When Department Stores Were Playgrounds

Do you remember when department stores didn’t give you anxiety? Back when you were a kid, these stores were just huge playgrounds.

The world was your oyster. You’d look forward to going to Home Depot because you and the rest of your friends could play the most epic game of hide-and-seek.