These Pictures Will Have Your Faith In Humanity Completely Shattered And It’s Hilarious

Thank god for people like Mother Teresa, Jane Goodall, Albert Einstein, and Alexander Graham Bell for making a positive difference in the world. It’s people like them who restore our faith in humanity. They’re the ones who actually do good in the world and make us feel like all humans aren’t bad.

But, then there are the people who make you want to pull every single one of your hairs out individually. They’re the ones who can ruin your day just by opening their mouth. This article is about those people, so, enjoy and control your anger.


Let’s just get one thing straight. PDA (public displays of affection) are gross no matter where you are or who you’re with.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @djbewbz
Photo Credit: Instagram / @djbewbz

No one wants to see you making out on public transportation, especially if you’re making out with a, uh, pole?

Nothing Is Real On The Internet

Taking gym selfies is becoming very popular. There’s nothing like showing off your new gains to all your friends on social media.

There’s a lot of pressure in doing so. You can’t post a picture and not look in peak shape, which this girl understands. So, she mildly “enhanced” her body for the picture.

Hashtag OLD

I don’t know if you remember your old cell phones but, I’m not going to lie, I kind of miss them.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

It was kind of freeing knowing that you can only text on your phone or play Snake. Typing was an entirely different story with T9 because it was nearly impossible. It actually took skill to be able to be a fast T9 typer. Coming up, someone finds MILK too spicy so they get a substitute and it’s gross.

Life’s All About Resource Management

While many people are under the impression that the key to living a successful life is making a lot of money and having a good job, I would beg to differ.

The key to happiness and success is resource management. If you can combine everyday items with other items and make something productive, then the world is your oyster.

When You Can’t Afford Butt Implants

Ever since Kim Kardashian came onto the scene, butts have become even more of a spectacle than usual.

It doesn’t matter how you get to the end result — the bigger, the better no matter what. Girls are willing to even put onions in their jeans, as long as it gives them the shape they’ve been looking for.

White People Be Like

Why is it that white people can’t handle any taste or spice? I’m surprised that the water isn’t too spicy for them.

If it was up to them, everyone would be eating white bread and butter for the rest of our lives. Coming up, find out who Baracco Barner is and what illegal activity he’s been up to.

The More You Know

Ignorance is certainly bliss for some aspects of life. Like, you’d probably rather not know what your ex is doing with their new boyfriend or girlfriend all the time because that’d be awful.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

But, sometimes ignorance isn’t bliss at all. Like, if you don’t know that there is such a thing as a GREEN APPLE you should probably read a book.

What’s The Point?

It’s becoming a bigger trend to have your pants sagging lower than your knees for some reason.

If you want to give your grandmother a heart attack, walk into her house wearing your bathing suit like this and scream “I’m NOT HUNGRY!” She’ll feel like a failure.


Barraco Barner, The Russian Spy

I don’t know who this Baracco Barner guy is, but whoever he is, he seems like a real badass.

Photo Credit: Imgur / Blaxiegirl
Photo Credit: Imgur / Blaxiegirl

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie Mission Impossible, but this Barner guy sounds like he’d fit right into that movie. Is he a Russian spy? Is he spying on Russia? I guess we’ll never know. Coming up, the most presidential natural rock in the entire world.


The World Is Yours, And We’re Just Living In It

The only word I can think of to describe what’s happening in this picture is “raunchy.”

To change your kid’s pants (which presumably have poop on them) on a table that people are going to eat on in the next hour is absolutely repulsive.

Those, Uh, Aren’t, What You Think They Are

I don’t know about you, but just looking at this picture makes me severely uncomfortable.

Knowing that these girls are putting rectal thermometers in their mouths (even though I assume they’re not used) is still really uncomfortable to look at.

Nature Is Truly Incredible

Nature is very bizarre and unpredictable. You can find weird and unusual things just by looking in your backyard.

The idea of seeing weirdly shaped rocks in the form of past Presidents isn’t actually that uncommon. This is 100% natural and you can’t change my mind on that. Coming up, someone who doesn’t know that New York is in, well, nevermind.

Literally Blowing Up Your Phone

When your friend says “stop blowing up my phone,” they don’t actually mean with explosives or heat.

Photo Credit: Imgur / Blaxiegirl
Photo Credit: Imgur / Blaxiegirl

Nothing about this makes any sense. You don’t even deserve a phone if you’re willing to put your phone in the microwave to charge your battery, you just don’t. If you’ve done this, I offer you the moment to make your case to me.


Ignorance Is, Uh, Bliss

Again, I know we went over this, but I think it needs to be touched on one more time so that everyone knows.

Photo Credit: Imgur / Blaxiegirl
Photo Credit: Imgur / Blaxiegirl

It’s not blissful if you don’t understand how electricity works at the basic level. Being this ignorant will make for a long life.

Please Take The First Shuttle To Mars

Let’s be honest here. If there was a state that could potentially leave the US, it would be Texas.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

Everything is bigger in Texas, including their will to leave America. They’re kind of their own breed which is both good and bad I guess. Coming up, someone gets stuck on an escalator and chaos ensues.

This Is A Good Question

How weird would everyday life be if you started old, and the longer you lasted on earth, the healthier you got?

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

So imagine if Stevie Wonder was born a 70-year-old blind musician and his eyesight just started getting better with age.


Can we just talk about how amazing it would be to work for Santa Claus? If you’re a reindeer, there’s no better gig.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

They must be like the Beyoncé’s of reindeer. They literally get to work ONE DAY a year and then live in the North Pole for the rest. That sounds amazing.


I don’t know about you, but if an escalator stops working and I’m riding it, I am not moving.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

Who knows what could happen if you take a step? Maybe you’ll slip and trip down the not-moving stairs. How do you even go down not-moving stairs in this technological age we live in?

The New Axe Body Spray Flavor

This is a perfect example of why spelling and grammar matter. This otherwise innocent tweet took a really bad turn because of a misspelling.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

I wouldn’t put it past Axe to make a colon flavored body spray at all, but I really don’t think it would smell good. Or, at least, I hope it wouldn’t.