While You’re Barely Living In 2018, These People Are Killing The Game In Like 2056

It’s really sad to think that there are people out in the world that are insanely smarter than you are. While you’re struggling to put one foot in front of the other in 2018 — these people are living at least 20 years in the future.

These people obviously know something we don’t. They’re the ones we see out in public who we are drawn to. They’re the ones that think of inventions that we could only dream of. This article highlights all the future inventors and entrepreneurs that we’ll read about in history books for decades to come.

Live And Learn

When it’s been a long day and you can barely keep your eyes open on your way home from work, this is a device you need to consider.

The last thing you want to do is fall asleep with your head hanging. You’ll wake up with your neck feeling like it just went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. It’s not a pleasant feeling.

The Bigger The Hoop, The Bigger The Personality

Why do girlfriends still trust their boyfriends to do their shopping for them? The success rate is close to zero in terms of getting the right stuff.

At least this girl basically spelled out exactly what she wants and made it easy. We need more thoughtful girlfriends like this one. Coming up, a man creates bionic legs that allow you to sit down wherever you want. They’re incredible.

Church Shmurch

When it’s Sunday morning and you’re hungover and just want to lay in bed and creep social media, sometimes you have to get creative.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @NoIAmNoami
Photo Credit: Twitter / @NoIAmNoami

If your parents drag you to church, this is something you can consider doing to make it look like you’re very interested in John 3:16. But really, you’re just scrolling through your crush’s pictures from 56 weeks ago.

We Need More Thoughtful Restaurants Like These

Okay, so this is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen. If you’re going to go to a Mexican restaurant, you have to have your entire day planned for it.

You can’t just go to a movie or a play after you eat Chipotle. You have to make about four hours for the bathroom because you become a volcano. Chilled toilet paper is a remedy I didn’t think existed but I’m happy it does.

Creativity That Drives The World

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that creativity drives the innovation in the world. This guy is making it really easy to be independent.

This guy is literally living in 2078 with this little haircutting set up. Anyone who has to shave the back of their head themselves know that this is a very hard task.

Lazy People Rejoice

Everyone who is inherently lazy can rejoice in this invention. These bionic pants will literally let you have a seat wherever you are.

Photo Credit: Reddit / starstufft
Photo Credit: Reddit / starstufft

If you’re at the mall and every food court seat is taken, BOOM. If you’re at work and have a standing desk but want to sit, BOOM. The world is now your oyster. Coming up, a student cheats on their exam and it’s insanely creative.

He’s Watching You

This guy has a prosthetic eye that also doubles as a camera and it’s creepy, bizarre, and scary all at once.

Could you imagine getting so drunk, blacking out, and being able to replay your night through your prosthetic eye? That’s what dreams are made of.

Fantasy Is Better Than Reality

Look, it’s hard to blame this guy for wanting to always live in a virtual reality world. While we might think he’s sitting on a patio, to him he’s scuba diving through the Great Barrier Reef.

Photo Credit: Reddit / ryanmerket
Photo Credit: Reddit / ryanmerket

This is like being on LSD all the time if LSD was completely safe and wouldn’t be chemically altering your brain.

Band-Aid Solutions

Students are getting incredibly sophisticated with their methods of cheating during exams.

No longer do they write stuff on the inside of their arm, or on the inside of a calculator. They go all out and write cheat notes under their nails or under band-aids, which is much smarter. Just ahead, a lifehack that will ensure you NEVER have to do dishes again in your life.

This Redneck Balcony Pool

When you’re in an apartment or can’t afford a backyard pool, sometimes you have to go full redneck and come up with your own solution.

If that means turning your balcony into a pool, you do exactly that. Let’s just hope that it didn’t collapse after the first cannonball.

This Is Absolutely Genius

I know that this guy is being completely villanized in this post, but he’s an absolute genius.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @OlmediaHD
Photo Credit: Twitter / @OlmediaHD

You don’t buy a car without test driving it, so why would you buy a washing machine? Doing a load of laundry is very reasonable and just because he didn’t buy it doesn’t make him the worst person in the world.

Life’s About Finding The Loopholes

I think that it’s safe to say that the worst chore to do is washing the dishes. You spend more time cleaning dishes than you do enjoy your meal and it’s awful.

Now, not only are you full from your food, but you also have to clean all the pans and plates you just used which is emotionally and physically draining. Coming up, the ONLY way to cover up your red solo cup and it’s actually genius.

The Iconic IKEA Assembly

Can we just talk about how insanely hard it is to put together some basic IKEA furniture?

If you have any sort of anger or frustration problems, please avoid trying to build anything from that store. They basically tell you instructions and then say, “oh, nevermind. Go back to step 2 and restart but do it completely differently.”

The Makeshift Grilled Cheese Maker

It’s almost impossible to be able to make the perfect grilled cheese, but this could change the game forever.

Getting the perfect melt is very tough to do because most of the time you can’t see the cheese open-faced. Cooking it this way gives you all the transparency you need to be able to cook the perfect GC.

This One’s For The Frat Guys

Did you know that if you put a Pringles lid on a red solo cup that it actually fits together perfectly?

This is revolutionary for the frat scene because it means that you can transport your drinks in red solos and still maintain the “I like to party” mentality outside of the house. Coming up, with only a shoe, a phone, and a charger you’re mind will be blown.

Don’t Be THAT Roommate

We’ve all had to deal with THAT roommate who goes out of their way to deceive you. Whether it’s faking to do the dishes, or taking small pieces of your food in hopes that they wouldn’t notice, it’s annoying.

This crappy roommate at least puts some thought into this deceptive tactic. It’s only a short-term solution, so he needs to get out of the apartment immediately.

Basically A Panini Press

Can we just talk about the fact that the most underrated thing in the kitchen is a panini press?

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

Not many people have them, but the ones that do will agree with me. If you don’t have one, you can use a clothing iron, but it just doesn’t do paninis justice,

You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Woah, the phone in that shoe looks like it’s a fossil. I feel like Christopher Columbus would see that and call it old.

Photo Credit: Reddit / alexsensual
Photo Credit: Reddit / alexsensual

I bet it has T9 which, I’m not going to lie, I do miss slightly. It was a skill to be able to type on your flip phone really quickly.

Anything To Make Work More Bearable

There aren’t many things that can make work more bearable, but this is certainly one of them.

Popcorn makes anything better. I bet you can’t name one situation that if you add popcorn it makes it worse. Think about it and get back to me.

When You Have To Babysit But The Game Is On

When you have a baby, your entire world flips upside down. You can say goodbye to any social life or free time and don’t even bother trying to follow your favorite sports team.

This dad just found a lifehack that we can all use now, or in the future. Bananas also act as a perfect bottle holder for when you want some R and R.