World Cup Memes For Every American Who Just Realized America Didn’t Qualify

In case you weren’t aware (and we’ll forgive you if you didn’t), the World Cup is in full swing, even though the American team didn’t qualify. The USMNT team has participated in every Wolrd Cup since 1990, so this was a pretty big blow for our second favorite version of Football.

While it can be hard to watch when your home country isn’t participating, there has been plenty of intrigue and suspense hovering over the entire competition. And the memes. There have been a lot of memes. If you’re a fan of Germany, this probably isn’t your finest moment, but now’s the time to begin the coping process. Hopefully, you can get a laugh out of these World Cup memes.

It Kind Of Snuck Up On All Of Us

It Kind Of Snuck Up On All Of Us

Photo Credit: Instagram / @ihavenofrensbutihaveamemepage

Let’s be honest here. When the USA isn’t in a worldwide event, everyone suffers. We have the loudest fanbase, and ratings are guaranteed to stink when we’re not around. So, it’s not too surprising to see that a couple of us might have totally forgotten that the World Cup was even happening in the first place.

While it’s great to see underdogs on the World stage (who can even find Iceland on a map) it’s just not the same without the US of A duking it out with some of the world’s finest.

How We All Felt When We Realized We Weren’t Invited

us watching wc.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / hybridchronicles

No one likes being left out. Much like pretty much everything in this world, SpongeBob memes once again are the perfect medium to express how we all feel. We’ll watch, we’ll lightly cheer, and we’ll convince our friends that we always knew Portugal was going to go on a run, but in the end, all we want to do is cheer on our own country.

Use this time to reflect, and maybe learn a little bit more about one of our fellow countries. It’s never been more appropriate to Google about Russia! Coming up, some people are still confused the USA isn’t there.

One Last Dig

One Last Dig

Photo Credit: Instagram / @laffy.traffy

This was the collective reaction of the American workforce when that one coworker burst into work especially excited about the World Cup. I get it. We all come from very different backgrounds, and watching soccer in America is very different than watching futbol literally anywhere else in the World.

That being said, give us a break for being a little confused about where our favorite team was. The FIFA World Cup only comes around every four years. Sorry we didn’t have it marked down.

Literally Watching The World Cup

watching world cup literally.jpg

Photo Credit: Facebook / Kervin Ferrer Marquez

For all of you non-World Cup fans, just remember that there’s always an alternative. This savvy social media user made sure to get in on the World Cup action by literally staring at their world cup.

It’s a bold strategy, as true soccer fans will no doubt call you out for being a fake fan, but consider the alternative. We could just sit back and pretend we know what’s going on, and then cheer at the wrong moment when (insert rival team) scores on (insert obvious favorite team). Boy, wouldn’t that be awkward?

Germany Took Many L’s

germany cheeto.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @TrollFootball

So for those of you who do not know, Germany is a soccer powerhouse. They were the defending champion, and everyone had pretty high expectations on the squad at least getting through the group stage.

What happened? Well, the memes have led me to believe that it all kind of fell apart for them. The German squad became the third consecutive defending champion to exit early. Talk about having a target on your back. I wonder if Germany got participation trophies…

At Least You Tried?

At Least You Tried?

Photo Credit: Twitter / @JA_KingDaViD

It really didn’t take long for the rest of the world to take to social media and denounce Germany’s efforts. While everyone was busy throwing all the shade at the German soccer team, they were quick to echo their fans frustration.

They quickly issued a number of statements issuing an apology to their fans, saying that ‘they are as disappointed as you are.’ While I don’t doubt their sincerity, just by looking at Twitter, I doubt a simple apology will be enough.

The Bandwagon Certainly Got Lighter

The Bandwagon Certainly Got Lighter

Photo Credit: Facebook / Mohammad Elias Khan

This was not only a devastating loss to the people of Germany, but also for all of us fake fans who hitched our wagon to an easy answer to the question of ‘who are you cheering for?’ Every time there’s a worldwide competition, we’re forced to pick sides.

Now what are all of us fake fans going to do? Well, a simple color flip allows the German flag to become a Belgium flag! Belgium advanced to the knockout stage of the 2018 World Cup, so that’s something, right? And hey, it’s not Germany has ever won anything in Russia… that and more next!

A Quick History Lesson

A Quick History Lesson

Photo Credit: Twitter / @robinjagal

I’m about to take you back to grade school history class, so please bear with me. Back in the Second World War, Germany attempted to invade Russia in winter, and that didn’t really work out. It was kind of the turning point of the war, and a big reason for Germany’s fall.

Well, it looks like Germany didn’t have much more success in the summer months either. Russia just remains a mystery that none of us are ready to solve.

Who Wore It Better?

who wore it better.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Llourinho

Neymar is the star of the Brazilian national team, but once again, he’s been roasted for his hairstyle. Honestly, I think that it’s fair to say that most of us would love the chance to have a head of hair we can style in all kinds of different ways. Neymar took a risk, and the internet was quick to meme it up.

This latest Neymar hairstyle really doesn’t even crack his top 5 most notable styles, but it does stack up pretty well with dog’s spaghetti. Coming up, more proof that Neymar’s hair is just pasta in disguise!

In Case It Wasn’t Obvious, It Really Looks Like Spaghetti

In Case It Wasn’t Obvious, It Really Looks Like Spaghetti

Photo Credit: Twitter / @DolorsBoatella

For those of you who are too young, The Lady And The Tramp is an iconic Disney movie that taught us that love is blind, and even the lowliest dog can have his day and find love with the elite of the elite. I think that was the point of the movie anyway.

The big takeaway from the movie was the spaghetti scene, as it taught us all that the real way to find true love is over carbs. If you can find your partner cute after a couple pounds of pasta with tomato sauce caked all over their face, then they’re a real keeper!

Someone Tested The Spaghetti Theory

Someone Tested The Spaghetti Theory

Photo Credit: Twitter / @__TheMerc

How did we ever learn anything before the advent of social media? While we were busy learning everything from a textbook like a sucker, today’s generation can actually go out and conduct their own experiments, then share their findings with a worldwide audience.

This guy clearly had enough of the spaghetti slander and went out to prove if Neymar’s hair was in fact actually just spaghetti. Let the results speak for themselves. Now I’m incredibly hungry after all this pasta talk.

Messi’s Had A Rough Go Of Things

ronaldo statue meme.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @worldcup18memes

The collective soccer world has really been hard on Lionel Messi, who is unquestionably one of the greatest soccer players to ever lace up a pair of cleats. Despite his success, he’s had a rough go at the World Cup, which everyone loves to bring up time and time again.

In Argentina’s opening group match against the underdog Iceland squad, Mesi missed a potential match-winning penalty kick, and the teams split a 1-1 draw. Stick around to see why it’s so hard to be Ronaldo’s son!

The Problem With Having A Famous Parent

ranoldo so handsome.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / cinephile46

Honestly, there are probably a ton of perks that come with having a famous parent. You get exposed to a life that us regular folk could only imagine, and considering that Cristiano Ronaldo is worth an estimated $400 million, that can really set you on a different path.

That being said, it can be hard to measure up to your famous father. The poor boy just wants to play video games like a normal kid.

One Last Dig At Germany

One Last Dig At Germany

Photo Credit: Reddit / Old-Blighty

Oh, you thought we were done with Germany? Not quite yet. The World Cup is a place for us to discover who our next favorite player is going to be. We get to see unreal athletes put on amazing displays in front of a worldwide audience.

We also get to see demoralizing collapses that make their way into the history books for all the wrong reasons. While we’ve gotten used to seeing Ronaldo put his team on his back, it will be tough to shake the image of Germany walking off the pitch early. Next, did someone say “doppelganger?”

Legen- Wait For It

himym wc.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / mynameisethan182

So, I’m sure all of you How I Met Your Mother fans know that the show had a thing for pointing out the characters doppelgangers. From Moustache Marshall to Stripper Lily, each of the five main characters could be linked to a lookalike.

While we thought that Mexican Wrester Ted and Dr. John Stangel would be Ted and Barney’s respective doppelgangers, it turns out they can both be found on the World Cup pitch. Guillermo Ochoa (on the left) is the keeper for Mexico, while Ivan Rakitic is a midfielder for Croatia’s squad.

The Mexican Wall

The Mexican Wall

Photo Credit: Twitter / @TrollFootball

Speaking of Guillermo Ochoa, it seems like every time he’s on the big stage, he comes through and delivers. Not so surprisingly, he received a ton of attention in his squad’s matchup with Germany, and came through with flying colors.

Interestingly enough, he’s commonly referred to as Memo, which seems especially fitting considering how often he seems to get meme’d up. He kept a clean sheet against Germany in a 1-0 victory, and once again captured our hearts.

The Names Can Be Tricky

wifi wc.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @ieatbanterforbreakfast

The great thing about events like the World Cup is that it brings together all kinds of different cultures and nationalities, and allows us to learn a little more about our neighbors around the world. Maybe it will inspire you to take a visit to Reykjavik (the capital of Iceland) or try some Ojja, a traditional Tunisian stew.

What we can definitely see on the surface is how difficult it can be for the broadcasters to pronounce all of the different names they will see from around the world. No amount of broadcasting school can prepare you for that moment. Iceland care though, they keep their names simple.

Iceland Keeps It Simple

all my sons wc.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Camotubi

If you’re a rookie broadcaster looking to make your mark on the World Cup stage, all you can do is hope and pray that you get to call an Iceland match. Not only is it an amazing story of an island with a population of just over 300,000 battling the world’s best, but it’s also one of the easier rosters to go and pronounce.

As long as you end every attempt at a name with ‘son’ you should be in good shape. Should be a slam dunk (sorry, wrong sport).

The Real Star Of The World Cup

wc titanic.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Llourinho

As much as we’ve gone over the headlines that Germany made in the opening stage of the 2018 World Cup, no one made the splash that Diego Maradona made. Maradona is an Argentine soccer legend and considered one of the greatest football players of all time.

That being said, Maradona made quite the impression watching his Argentina squad take on Nigeria. He went through a couple different stages, from falling asleep to offering a two-finger salute to other fans, the cameras were fixed on him every step of the way.

Choose Your Fighter

Choose Your Fighter

Photo Credit: Twitter / @9GAG

Like I said, the cameras were there every step of the way. Unfortunately for Maradona, his excitement got the better of him, and he was rushed to hospital after nearly collapsing after Argentina’s dramatic victory over Nigeria.

While it was fun to see Maradona play to the crowd, hopefully, he calms down a bit as the event continues on. Thankfully, he was said to have recovered later that night, which is fantastic to hear.