Do You Remember WWE’s Greatest Tag Teams Of All Time?

How well do you remember the all-time great WWE tag teams? For years the WWE was in a golden age of tag team titles and heated feuds that were more exciting than anything their normal matches offered. Wrestlemania was must-see TV for the tag teams alone, and they always delivered. From the Hart Foundation to the Road Warriors, no spectacle in the WWE world was more jaw-dropping. Which team was your favorite? Are you ’80s loyalist or do you miss the pure machismo of the ’90s “Attitude Era?”

The Hart Foundation Made Pink Macho

B Bennett/Getty Images
B Bennett/Getty Images

The Hart Foundation was headlined by brothers-in-law Bret “Hit Man” Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Together, they proudly entered the ring in pink and black, ready to show anyone who dared fight them how devastating they could be. Today, they are looked at as the gold standard for WWE tag teams.

The Hart Foundation’s WWE dominance began with a lengthy Championship run in 1987. They followed that act with another lengthy run in 1990. Along the way they took down highly touted teams like The British Bulldogs, The Rockers, and Demolition. Sure, they lost every once in a while, but that just made angry and hungry for the next battle.