Lawn Bowling And Other Olympics Sports That Were Considered But Not Approved

Joining the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 will be softball, karate, surfing, skateboarding, sports climbing, and a second chance for baseball. But, every year, a variety of sports vie for the approval and attention of the International Olympic Committee. With so many sports hoping to seek recognition from the I.O.C., it feels like a disappointment when they don’t have their turn in the Olympics.

But, never lose hope, because some sports are slowly on their way to appearing in the biggest stage.

Parkour May Make It’s Way To The Olympics


Laugh all you want, but parkour is enough like gymnastics and skateboarding that it deserves some consideration. It involves a ton of talent and athleticism.

Since meeting with International Olympic Committee Officials, leaders in parkour and free-running formed a federation, which is one of the first steps in moving towards Olympic competition.