A Night Camera Revealed What Kept Waking Him Up At 4 A.M.

Like many of us, one young couple adopted a pet to welcome into their family. Daniel Hawkins and his wife expected some challenges, but things went relatively smoothly after adopting a cat. But then something weird started happening. Every day at 4 A.M., he was startled awake, only to find nothing was wrong. He decided to set-up a night camera in the couple’s bedroom to get to the bottom of it.

Every Cat Has Their Quirks

Quirky cats
Unsplash/Mikhail Vasilyev
Unsplash/Mikhail Vasilyev

Part of the fun of adopting a pet is getting to know its personality. Just like people, cats have different personalities. Some are playful and feisty, while others are calm and sweet.

Coming into a new home, adopted pets don’t often fully reveal themselves until they’ve taken the time to get comfortable in their new surroundings. This was the same with the cat they adopted. It took a while before they discovered one odd trait their new cat had.