Genius Russian Boy Shares A Prediction About Space That’s Making Experts Uneasy

Do you believe in aliens? The universe is bigger than our human brains can even conceive of, which means it’s probably more likely than not that there is some kind of extra-terrestrial lifeform out there somewhere. We have yet to find any evidence of aliens, though. Or at least, that’s what we thought…

In the last two decades, one special kid from Russia has made claims of extraterrestrials that are deeply compelling. Even the leading experts in the field have been swayed by what this boy has said about life on Mars.

Meet Boris


Boris Kipriyanovich has always been an overachiever. Just two weeks after he was born, he was able to hold his head up without support. His parents knew he was special, and as he grew older, he only continued to become more impressive.

Boris talked early, he walked early, and he even figured out his multiplication tables early. It wasn’t just his parent who thought this kid was a genius in the making.